Adrian Ryan
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Nov 4 Adrian Ryan commented on Pike Place Market to Clean the Gum Wall of White Privilege.
i blame hitler.'s WORSE than hitler. WORSE.
Nov 3 Adrian Ryan commented on Capitol Hill Is Getting a Pot Shop.
my god. that is precisely four blocks from me. nice knowin' y'all. peace out.
Oct 27 Adrian Ryan commented on God Won't Take No For An Answer.
i was at a funeral two weeks ago. it was officiated by a deacon or whatever of this church, and he repeated that slogan during the service twice. i was simultaneously all "ahhh, sweet" and. "GAH! TERRIFYINGLY HORRIBLE!" at the same time. talk about a (creepy) mixed message.
Aug 26 Adrian Ryan commented on Good-Bye, Seattle.
Y'all can fuck right off.
Aug 26 Adrian Ryan commented on I, Anonymous.
trolling level: master.
Jun 8 Adrian Ryan commented on Bernie Sanders May Pose a Serious Challenge.
wait until the debates--he's going to kick all of their asses.
May 26 Adrian Ryan commented on 12 Folklife Fashions Reviewed by a 4-Year-Old.
i know three of those people. and "goth mom with tats" is Bree, and i frankly find her to be one of the lovliest women in seattle. and she plays the saw!
May 21 Adrian Ryan commented on 10 Frames: Cathedral's 1 Year Anniversary.
dia doesn't actually have hair, that's a wig!