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Grant Brissey, Emeritus
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Apr 4 Grant Brissey, Emeritus commented on Talentless Asshole Paints Highly Unremarkable Paintings.
I don't know. I kind of want the Putin one.
Mar 29 Grant Brissey, Emeritus commented on The Best of Slog: Reports from Oso, Buying Health Care, and the Case of the Missing Penis Bone.
@2: I Keck & Co. did provide me with health insurance for the four years I was on staff. The hospital visit I wrote about happened years before I worked at the Stranger and my recent need for health insurance was due to the fact that I was laid off from somewhere else.
Mar 20 Grant Brissey, Emeritus commented on Fred Phelps Is Finally Fucking Dead!.
God hates the excommunicated.
Mar 14 Grant Brissey, Emeritus commented on Bartender Crush: Candice at Moe Bar.
Candice is my dream lady.

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