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Tim Horton
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Apr 9 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
Disagree with @28 and others who beilieve SOS needs to have the honest conversation before consuming hookers. SOS covered this in his letter: "In our case, honesty would mean the end to what is now a great friendship that provides us both with deeply satisfying companionship."

People in relationships of 45 years have a pretty good handle on how their spouses will react to big issues, like non-monogamy, sleeping with sex-workers, etc. The honesty police would have SOS force his wife into either mental turmoil or divorce. Dan's advice is spot on. Let them live out their remaining years in relative harmony.
Apr 2 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
Avast - @84 you rip Mydriasis for false equivalency (WITH CAPS!!!)for daring to compare circumcision to the other routine medical decisions parents make for their children. Then @86 you draw false equivalency with other religious practices such as honor rapes and bride killings.

Mydriasis - one day you will realize debating circumcision is like debating the merits of vaccines. Separating scientific literature and consensus from raw emotions is impossible.
Apr 1 Tim Horton commented on SL Letter of the Day: Leaving Monogamy Behind.
I am with @29 - open relationships are good in theory but much more tricky in opposite sex couples than Dan let's on. For my money, I would bet that good old fashioned cheaters in DADT (don't get caught) have longer marriages than those in open relationships.

We need a better definition of monogamist. Dan has already written (correctly, universally)that all men want to sleep with other women. Secret's husband clearly is no more monogamous that Secret is. The debate is whether he will become cool with her sleeping with other men. Nothing in this letter indicates he will be.
Mar 5 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
I see no indication that PISSED has told her boyfriend the reason she wants to see him pee. Men are conditioned (or should be) to mind their bathroom behaviour lest they kill their ladyfriend's boner (see e.g. @20).

PISSED needs to confess her kink. Any rational man would be thrilled to know that his piss has the same intended effect as a gym membership or flowers.....
Feb 4 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
If RING is going to have children, he needs to hash out religous differences. If you think the priest telling you to kiss your bride is disturbing, wait till you hear the part about your non-baptized baby going to hell.

If they aren't going to breed, then give in and get married. It's not like divorce is hard to come by, especially for childless couples, in the event of bedroom death.
Feb 4 Tim Horton commented on SL Letter of the Day: Armed Forces.
This "problem" sounds like an Onion headline: "Area man who decided to start sowing wild oats surprised by lack of women for casual sex"
Feb 1 Tim Horton commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fucking the Boss, Take 2.
@46 - your post pretty much confirms the stereotype that sex is something men earn and women give out. Which proves @23s point. And makes me wish I had same sex attraction, from time to time.
Jan 31 Tim Horton commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fucking the Boss, Take 2.
Yay! I am one of those lame corporate bosses, so I get to play this game!

Go fuck your boss. You can honestly do whatever you like after that because asshole boss can't aford to piss you off after that. He in in the closet, remember? He will live in fear of you outing him. You should probably text him asking for a picture of his cock, so that way you have firm proof (get it??) of his closetness. Then exploit this situation for all it's worth until you get a new job.

As for "documenting" the harrassment, sure you should do that if you want to sue. But seriously, suing is a waste of time. You might recover some money, maybe 10k or something, 40% of which will go to your attorney, after you have wasted time with the EEOC. It will also show up on a public docket which I always have my HR people check before I hire. And trust me, if I have seen that a potential hire has sued his former employer (justified or not) by the ripe ole age of 23, I aint hiring that person.
Jan 28 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
The other way to look at HSMTIT: Isn't it worth $200 for an hour of your time to dominate your husband? Assuming by the letter HSMTIT makes less than $200 a day, why would she rather work a full day or more in lieu of topping her husband with a brave effort?
Jan 28 Tim Horton commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fuck the Boss?.
Holy fucking cruller this is bad advice.

As @13 said, I can safely say I would fire my subordinates who were sleeping with their subs. On the spot. It's a sign of bad judgment which I can't afford at my company.

That being said, it sounds like she is new to this open marriage idea, and doesn't realize that a 25 year old woman who is looking for sex but not a relationship can choose any of the other 3.5 billion men on the planet not otherwise known as "boss"

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