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Apr 15 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
(seeing how text looks while typing on a cell phone while drinking at an overseas airport. Feel instant bond with Savage on mutual loathing of air travel. And awe of youngins' and their ability to coherently type on mobile devices. back to my hole. Carry on)
Apr 15 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
FWIW, I feel for Connie. She deserves respect and the full human experience of a public relationship and I hope she finds happiness.

My response in support of STUNG would have been the same for anyone who involuntarily had their private lives exposed. If he were poly and their third exposed them, if he were a sex worker and his client ex posed him or if he were having am affair and his partner exposed him. You are an ass hole for outing someone's private life with the sole purpose of sabotaging their world. Exceptions apply for those seeking to undermine others. See e.g. Ted Haggard and Eliott Spitzer
Apr 14 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
Lord of all hosts, Dan - your advice to STUNG is misleading. I am assuming Connie - like Bailey Jay - has a cock (I googled her - now need to explain to IT department). Connie outed STUNG as someone who has a kink for women with cocks.

We can debate whether it's fair that STUNG will face consequences for having a relationship with a woman with a cock (he shouldn't of course, but many women won't date bisexual men - see the 1 drop rule). But he will and he has a legitimate concern about being outed against his will.

If we can agree that people have the right to control when and if their sexual orientation and kinks be made public, then STUNG is entitled to that as well and has a legitimate gripe.
Apr 2 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
Agree with @31 - hide your damn browsing history. If WIFEY's husband can't figure out how to go incognito on-line, perhaps he can call Marcelina's boyfriend described @61 who totally does NOT watch porn.
Mar 31 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Secret to Success.
I have a feeling that having trouble maintaining erections as men approach 40 is far more common that people realize. If I were single, I would fear being able to maintain stiff erections since most hetero sex occurs at night, after drinking, with condoms and under pressure to maintain the erection long enough for your partner to orgasm but not to do anything that would cause you to come too soon.

The best advice Dan has given on this subject is "don't hold a funeral for his penis" and that holds true here.
Mar 31 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Our Lady of the Slots.
@17, as a Vegas regular, let me assure you that the sex workers do (usually pretend) play slots, as they wait for men to approach them. It keeps the casino's from kicking them out as they would if they were merely getting aggressive with men at the center bar.

Two general rules to live by. 1) If you are wondering if she is his girlfriend or his daughter, it's his girlfriend; 2) if an attractive woman who is normally out of your league initiates conversation with you in Vegas, she is working.

Mar 6 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Quick Hits.
The chances that LW#1's wife will be cool with him paying for a BJ or getting one from a random gay man on Craigslist is close to zero. If he suggests it, even if he then pretends he is joking, his wife with know he isn't joking and it will raise her suspicion. The last thing you need when looking for marital extra-cirrculars is a spouse with heightened antenna. On the cost-benefit analysis, he needs to pretend he has lost interest in oral and go find it elsewhere.

Mar 4 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
@31 - Hi NoCute! Things are going better in the Horton house, marginally so.

I am off to San Fran for work. Will shoot you a personal email. Perhaps Tim can buy you a drink or play matchmaker with one of my colleagues!
Mar 4 Tim Horton commented on Savage Love.
Agree with @24 that Dan's response to snuggle shows his lack of understanding of female sexuality. What snuggle describes is typical/normal: female, noticing decreasing desire for sex in year 3-4 of relationship, satisfied with sex once per week, mismatch in libido from male partner whose desire has remained relatively constant. Studies have shown men want far more sex in long term relationships than women do. See e.g. http://www.scienceofrelationships.com/ho…

There is no indication she is asexual. She enjoys partnered sex, but not as often as her boyfriend would like it. She orgasms from vibrators. They are mismatched sexually. Again, normal.

Snuggle wants help. She should be told her desire or lack there of may be totally normal and it will ebb and flow over time. She should also be told the standard advice about mismatched libidos - enthusiastically fuck your partner on the once per week and offer a reasonably enthusiastic assist on the in between days. And she should also be aware of the toxicity that will likely result if the mismatch is too large. See e.g. @18. If that is the case, they need to break up.
Feb 9 Tim Horton commented on Fifty Shades of Grey Opens Friday....
Excellent read. I had the same thoughts as @2. Really gave me pause to think about the routine and horrific nature of sexual violence that women deal with, often out of the public spotlight.

Mrs. Horton devoured all three 50 Shades books. Unfortunately, it wasn't the start of increased orgasms or revelation into a more kinky, D/s sex life. Alas, this quote from the article captured exactly what she liked about the book: "He knows exactly what he wants, and he doesn't need any taking care of, which releases her to focus on herself. He sends the message ‘I am a man, not a boy, so you can be a woman, not a mother.’ She doesn't have to tell him what to do.”

The nature v. nurture debate over women's sexuality is fascinating. I think Savage mentioned he gets 100 letters from kinky men for every one from a kinky woman. Viva women's sexual liberation....

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