mhulot gotta poop so bad.
3:09 PM mhulot commented on Light Rail, I Love You But Your Signage Fucking Blows.
It would be nice if all stations with elevators had elevators to bring you from the station platform to street level in one trip. So many stupid mezzanines to find your way through. Also, at some point I hope they're able to have central platforms at all stations. The potential of getting on the wrong side of the station is high if you're not from around here. Yes, I realize these suggestions are not immediately feasible due to engineering and construction issues. Oh, and I REALLY hope they someday change the voice that makes announcements. It's so awkward sounding.
May 16 mhulot commented on The Morning News: What We Know About Trump's Disclosures to Russia, Advocates Say the Hanford Emergency Was Totally Predictable.
Nearly every time I happen to look into a car while I'm on my bike, the driver is holding their phone. Very often when I'm behind a motorist in a bike or car and they're not moving when a light turns green, it's because they're distracted by their phone. Dangerous and FUCKING ANNOYING.
May 16 mhulot commented on The Stranger Recommends These 50 Seattle Restaurants.
The Stranger Recommends These 50 Mostly Mediocre Restaurants
Apr 20 mhulot commented on Fremont Brewing Owner Sara Nelson Launches Bid for City Council On a Platform That Doesn't Stand For Anything.
@4 So now "reasonable" means not being able to commit to anything? You should probably develop a concrete platform *before you announce your candidacy.*
Apr 12 mhulot commented on The Stranger's Guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in Seattle.
Spinasse? Ok, whatevah.
Apr 7 mhulot commented on Seattle Times: Kent Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Mayor Ed Murray of Raping Him as a Teenager.
While this needs to be investigated, based on the claims of the plaintiff I imagine it'll blow over by the end of the month. Seems pretty unsubstantiated. And likely another empty accusation to feed the "gay people are child molesters" trope. He'll lose some points, but he's going to be re-elected. Let's be real, his neo-liberal policies have pretty wide appeal.
Mar 22 mhulot commented on What Does It Take to Be Seattle's Best Banh Mi?.
@2 I've wondered this. I think they're different though. The ID Saigon Deli definitely has better sandwiches, but the UD Saigon Deli's are still pretty good. Plus you can get a fried egg on them.
Mar 16 mhulot commented on University District Dive-Bar Cafe Racer Is Up For Sale.
The Knarr is closing? Number of decent bars in the UD dwindles to, what, maybe 3?
Feb 8 mhulot commented on Is Trump Mania Responsible for the Online Harassment Campaign Against Three University of Washington Teachers?.
@1 @10 @11 Try showing some fucking compassion. At least two of the people mentioned in this article are members of often marginalized groups and they have literally been physically assaulted because of who they are/where they're from. Are you surprised that they take online harassment seriously and as a potential serious threat to their lives? They should be free to feel safe at their place of work and the UW administration is doing fuck all. Who the fuck are you?