Nov 26, 2013 boogens commented on Of Autumn Leaves and 206 Beats.
Grayskul is well past relevant. Never cared at all for the Old Dominion crew, minus Sleep (whatever happened to him?).
Sep 18, 2013 boogens commented on HuffPo Live Goes Deep on Trans Issues.
Can we PLEASE start a kickstarter, or get someone at Neumo's or Lo-Fi or somewhere to get Mister Cee out here? No one in America (the birthplace of hip-hop) do we love and show support for both equality, and hip-hop.

This dude is a fucking legend. I mean seriously, one of the most influential DJ's to come out of New York since the birth of hip-hop, and with all the shit he's gone through with arrests, making a proclamation on HOT97 of all places, he deserves to be not only respected, but honored.

Honored for his contributions to the culture, honored for his courage to talk openly about his sexuality and preferences, and honored for his great taste and contributions to music over the last two decades.
Aug 23, 2013 boogens commented on NPR Says It Will Continue to Refer to Chelsea Manning as "He" Until Her Gender Is "Actually Physically" Changed.
Gender is not JUST physical, but it is the predominant indicator of gender.

That would be like saying race is not JUST your heritage.

Can I be an African-American because it's the way I feel or am? Even if I was born to white parents, with no African heritage or ancestry? (Well, other than the start of the human race that is).
Jun 16, 2013 boogens commented on Pizza Update: Breaking the 5-Minute Barrier.
I'm waiting for Charles to come and trounce on your daughter for calling it a "white cheese".
Apr 10, 2013 boogens commented on Gay Couple Makes Florist Choose Between Supporting Gay Rights or Getting Sued.
As a business owner, who pays rent/property taxes, state revenue taxes, provides employment, invests in inventory, pays Labor and Industries taxes, had the sign made, pays for advertising, she should be able to refuse the right to serve ANYONE. Her only mistake is stating that it was because they were gay, She didn't need to say that, and shouldn't have. Yes, it is dumb, stupid, ignorant, and wrong for her to deny services based on the fact that they are gay. She was not required by law to give them a reason as to why they were 86'ed.

The lesson: keep your mouth shut.
Mar 21, 2013 boogens commented on STOP THE PRESSES: It's DJ Premier's Birthday.
"....Underground will live forever baby, we just like roaches, never dyin, always livin. And on that note, lets get back to the program"

Also to note, Premo has more dope remix tracks than probably all other hip-hop producers put together. Also, does anyone know the last time he was in town? Or anyone on that list (besides KRS, he did that tour with Common Market around here) was in town? We have a major lack of boom bap and golden era rappers coming through here. Concert promoters take note.

Jan 31, 2013 boogens commented on SL Letter of the Day: Get Your Twink On.
How bout she lets him know about her attraction to the little twink boys; and being the dom he is, he fucks her while a hot twink is on the tv or computer? He gets off by telling her what a little bitch the guy is, so he gets his, and she is able to look at what she wants while he fucks her the way that makes her cum harder than she ever has.

Sounds kinda hot and fun to me. Whaddya think Dan?
Jan 2, 2013 boogens commented on Hot Al-on-Al Action.
I don't think you're getting enough credit for the headline. It's phenomenal. really.
Dec 4, 2012 boogens commented on WHO IS THIS?.
Step 1: Right click on image
Step 2: Choose View Image
Step 3: Read the name of the jpeg
Step 4: Respond

It's Allen Stone, OMG!!!!