Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Jan 22 anon1256 commented on The Good News Is Senate Republicans Think Climate Change Is Real. The Bad News Is They Think It's "Biblical.".
@7 If you took the extremists out of the GOP congress delegation there would hardly be anyone left. Denying climate science or evolution is pretty crazy stuff. Hell, Ernst who was chosen by the GOP to give the state of union rebuttal routinely spouts John Bircher conspiracy theories about how the UN is out to deny property rights to farmers. In fact, the GOP seems to have adopted ~85% of the John Birch 1950's crazy ass platform.
Jan 22 anon1256 commented on The Good News Is Senate Republicans Think Climate Change Is Real. The Bad News Is They Think It's "Biblical.".
@2 The same ~20% of eligible voters who thought that GWB was grand after 8 calamitous years. Often people who have no significant future dues to advanced age (most deniers will die before they change their mind) or cynics who figure they'll be gone before the shit really hits the fan. Even if they came to acknowledge that humans are causing modern climate change they'd invoke something else like Lomborg who says there are many more pressing problems than climate change or that it would destroy our economy, etc

Jan 22 anon1256 commented on Watch Arctic Sea Ice Melt Over 28 Years in One Minute.
@22 Please, don't be an ass, thank you.
Jan 21 anon1256 commented on Watch Arctic Sea Ice Melt Over 28 Years in One Minute.
@2 sea ice floats so it doesn't add to sea level when it melts
Jan 21 anon1256 commented on The Ghetto in Three Parts: Seattle.
I am not sure there were no Chinese ghettos in Seattle in view of the race riot to push them out during the late 19th century.

Also, isn't a ghetto simply a district inhabited by an ethnic minority because of legal, social and economic reasons? It seems to apply to minority neighborhoods in the past especially considering Seattle's segregated history (until relatively recently)…
Jan 21 anon1256 commented on President Obama Used the State of the Union to Reveal Republicans as Anachronistic Cartoon Monsters.
You mean that all this lofty rhetoric isn't just a smoke screen for corporate "free trade" agreements that Obama is going to push trough with Republicans and blue dogs?
Jan 20 anon1256 commented on Neil Steinberg on Charlie Hebdo, Blasphemy, Punched Noses, and the Pope's Unmodern Views on Free Speech.
@14 Colonialism and imperialism fought against national revolutions and republican secular modernity in the Arab/Persian world so I don't think your point is necessarily inconsistent with his.
Jan 19 anon1256 commented on Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo: Those Bastards Had It Coming.
@115 The notion of sacred entails that it is the natural ("godly") order of things and cannot be changed, which is a convenient way to take away free will, to justify all kind of oppression and maintain the status quo however dismal it may be. The notion of sacred may do other things for people but it does what I just described and it is not compatible with progress and dealing with the issues facing modern societies. I don't suspect you need examples.

Let's get something straight. Despite the overwhelming media narrative, CH couldn't really "offend" pretty much anyone outside France because it wasn't read outside France. I also would think that CH people know that real progressive change comes from within a culture so their message wasn't addressed to Muslims around the world, it was for domestic consumption. The reaction to these cartoons is mostly manufactured outrage for the benefit of average Muslim populations. Without religious extremists clamoring about it nobody in the Muslim world would know about CH. Not only does it allow theocracies to demonize (mostly) secular societies and try to stop the inexorable arrow of time, modernity and progress, but it is also a way to keep telling the indigenous people that whoever disagrees will be in serious trouble. If it wasn't about cartoons, I think they'd find something else. I assume that some Muslims living in Europe are among CH readers, They are likely to be modern people who agree with the separation of church and state and understand quite well that religious fundamentalism has absolutely no mainstream future in the developed world (and hopefully none at all).

Muslim populations in general also have strong secular aspirations or at the minimum a will to moderate the Islam they have to live with because extreme Islam in its current form isn't livable, sometimes literally not livable, and insofar as many many Muslims do not observe the rules about alcohol, sex, etc and thus are constantly at risk of incurring some kind of punishment. Thanks to the support of Western powers, Muslim fundamentalists have pretty much wiped out the secular movements of these regions over the last 50 years ("hey, anything to get rid of the secular nationalists and the commies, including THEIR going back to the 13th century"). So, yes, religion and the sacred are among the major instruments used by Muslims and Western elites to control these people.

I am quite busy today so it may take a little longer to get to your next comment.
Jan 18 anon1256 commented on Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo: Those Bastards Had It Coming.
@112 "Islamic terror"

I meant "islamicist terror"
Jan 18 anon1256 commented on Pope Francis on Charlie Hebdo: Those Bastards Had It Coming.
@111 Imagery can be racist by itself when it makes an entire ethnic/racial group look threatening or especially ugly but usually it only becomes racist from being repeatedly associated with a discriminatory message as I said earlier. Cartoons of blacks have become very asepticized in recent decades in the US although there are still (or were recently) some well known cartoons that depict black Americans as having some negroid features such as PJ's or Fat Albert for example (both of which were African Americans creations). The parallel you draw with the use of the term nigger fails since it is clearly a derogatory term. Again, there is really nothing essentially islamophobic about showing a picture of Mohamed looking like a Semitic man so repeating it does you no favor.

You are right to be very concerned about anti-Arab xenophobia as the European far right flexes its muscles while more Islamic terror is likely, but last Sunday's demo was also a stand for republican ideals that are simply incompatible with the discriminatory ideology of the far right so there may be some hope. At the same time, there are so many important global factors fueling this crisis that I am afraid all Europeans are in for a very wild ride. In any case, my objections to your discourse isn't a matter of mourning but because busting the sacred is essential for us and Muslims as well, pretty much like Hitchens says above (and I don't make a habit of agreeing with Hitchens).

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