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Dec 19 drjones commented on SL Letter of the Day: the Right to Not Know.
@10 no, I get a whiff of someone with perfectly normal concern that being completely open in their relationship could invite much drama and possible breakups into the equation. But hey, lets think the worst of everyone we don't know, I mean maybe he's a pedophile as well right? I mean she didn't SAY he wasn't.
Dec 18 drjones commented on SL Letter of the Day: Your Sister's Keeper.
What is this a Threes Company episode? You don't need to spin out some elaborate lie to justify being concerned about your sisters health. I agree with Dan, fess up and let her know the truth, that you are concerned for her well being and want to help if you can. If that means admitting you snooped on her mail well.. you did.
Dec 10 drjones commented on Rick Santorum Is So Totally Running for President.
I think Dan hit the nail on the head years ago when he said Santorum was not interested in being president, he was interested in running for president so he could take money from little old ladies. 90% of the folks running of the GOP ticket in the last three elections have had only one thing in mind: Making money off the dumbasses in the Republican base. They will say whatever crazy, hate filled bullshit they have to to get on FOX and sell some books.
Dec 10 drjones commented on Savage Love.
I am only comfortable if I am addressed in Icelandic pronouns. Only an asshole wouldn't know Icelandic.
Dec 5 drjones commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Graves, One Book.
Stories like this are another reason that the whole negotiated open marriage thing seems like blithely walking into a minefield. A couple who trusts and loves each other does not know that their partners second or third partner is not going to be a manipulative asshole who will, once their claws are in, pull the rug out form under the nice open marriage that started the whole thing. Sure, it can work if the primacy of the primary partner is respected by everyone involved, but what are the odds that that will happen? How many people are super happy to play second fiddle forever? And when it doesn't what are the odds that someone would choose the boring person they have been with for 15 years over the brand new shiny exciting puppy love?
Dec 4 drjones commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Straight Girl's Guide to Eating Ass.
Rimmer makes me think of Red Dwarf, not a very sexy idea unless you like pompous english smeg-heads.
But both men and women should be rimmed after a good scrub. You might not be hairy ladies (or maybe you are) but well, better safe than sorry. I find 5 min in the tub is plenty to get the whole junk area ready for licking, it's a little buzz kill but less of one than having the rim performer grossed out and unwilling to continue. Or worse, being distracted by wondering if they are grossed out but doing it anyway.
We are into sub/dom a bit and my lady loves to be on the bottom of a 69 with me making her go from cock to the back door and back again while I play with her pussy and tits. She is shy about her butt, but goes crazy if I tie her down and have my way with it. So glad we got over our butt-shyness.
Dec 4 drjones commented on Savage Love.
Possibly because Dr. Ruth was coming at it from a position of authority. Dan never claims to be an authority, just a guy who someone asked for advice for some reason which is closer to Ann Landers.

I have seen some sites online which offer support for people who don't like their breasts or vulvas to get over their problems. What it seems like mostly happens is they are overwhelmed with the tidal wave of self doubt that ~4 billion people can generate. I imagine a guy dick-size support group might have similar issues.

But it's really unfortunate, the one thing I wish I had known as a young person was that you don't have to be 'perfect' to have sex and enjoy it. You can be barely ok and still have great sex, but only if you can accept yourself how you are and find someone else who can do the same for themselves. By obsessing over our bodies we rob ourselves of possible joy and screw our partners out of the joy of loving our bodies and the satisfaction of pleasuring us. No one wins but the plastic surgeon.
Dec 1 drjones commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Care Package.
The LW seems a bit clueless, but the commentators here seem like hemorrhoidal buttholes of distrustful misplaced rage.
Nov 26 drjones commented on Savage Love.
@5 I would disagree significantly. I used to avoid argument of any kind but relating to my wife has taught me that we get along much better if the anger and resentment inherent in being with someone for several decades is occasionally vented in a good fight. And yes, that can include raised voices.

It's even kind of part of our mild BDSM now. If your SO wants to be hate-fucked now and then and you both get orgasms and loving cuddles afterwards.. there is no reason to cast that into a disease that needs to be cured.
Nov 24 drjones commented on SL Letter of the Day: Profile & Courage.
Man between work commitments, socializing with friends, doing chores and such I am lucky to get time for one good date and some quickies with my wife in a week. And we don't even have kids. What the fuck would one have to give up to be able to go on a date every day? No job? Don't cook at home? Hire a maid? No hobbies? I can understand the desire to get some on the side but I just can't fathom having the emotional and financial capitol to support multiple simultaneous serious relationships for the long haul. There is only so much attention and horny to go around.

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