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Oct 12 Granny Smith commented on I'd Rather Jump Out the Window Than Celebrate 25 Years of The Stranger with This Issue.
As someone around for the first issue and a regular reader ever since, I agree completely.
Sep 27 Granny Smith commented on A Tale of Two New Link Stations.
"the dull-looking waters of Puget Sound" WTF?
Sep 12 Granny Smith commented on Seahawks Protest Made Toothless By Need For Consensus.
It is such a relief to have solved the whole "homophobia" problem. I don't miss the endless second-guessing of every step and action. Remember how angry we were that Obama was taking so long to get our goals accomplished?

Looking back though it seems the bigger the "controversial LGBT event that increased awareness of the issues" the more likely it was something simple like a famous person coming out as gay. We found success in a lot of small steps and through building allies. It was straight people who voted in LGBT marriage in this state.

A united professional football team doing something together will have more impact than an individual player. Even if the individual is making a protest that meets the high standard set by activists. As frustrating as it is, slow and gentle is better for changing attitudes.

Sep 1 Granny Smith commented on To Us, Erin Jones Says She Made Mistakes. To Her Funders, She Says We Twisted Her Words..
A conspiracy? She sounds more conservative by the minute.
Aug 10 Granny Smith commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Gay Virgin Comes Out & Gets Out From Under.
The husband and I dated for six months before the first kiss. Thirty years later the sex just keeps getting better.

Going slow is perfectly appropriate. Being gay does not require sex on the third date.
Aug 5 Granny Smith commented on I, Anonymous.
Those of us in the X generation are stuck between baby boomers and millennials. It is like being the middle child of a very self-absorbed, over-entitled and thin skinned family.
Jul 27 Granny Smith commented on Night Two of the DNC: The Democrats Want to Kill With Kindness.
The "cartoon" was the version of Hillery presented at the RNC convention, not trump. Kind of an important part of the speech. Lets hope you were not the only one who got that wrong.
Jun 23 Granny Smith commented on Savage Love.
@ 68 The primary argument against gay marriage is that it makes people uncomfortable. Life is filled with discomfort for people who are judgemental and uncaring.
Jun 23 Granny Smith commented on Savage Love.
Its just a nickname, not a hand-job. People call him that socially. The BDSM community is mostly about community and slightly about sex. Freaking out about calling someone by their preferred nickname is petty nonsense. We should respect people and call them what the want to be called.
May 5 Granny Smith commented on Washington Won't Discriminate.
@3 some posts are blog posts only while others are links to articles from the printed paper. If it says "read article" you are going to the paper. If it says "continue reading" it is a blog post only.

The need to scroll back up after expanding an article or looking at comments is aggravating though.