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Mar 27 Granny Smith commented on An Extremely Attractive Group of Greenpeace Activists Is Stalking Shell Rigs Across the Pacific Ocean.
A trust fund is a terrible thing to waste.

Also @6, how exactly are they doing anything to stop global warming by following these ships around. This is just a PR campaign. Surely there is an option that doesn't require so much burning of fossil fuels just to post pictures to twitter.
Mar 25 Granny Smith commented on Take Your Burning Rage from Yesterday's Traffic Mess and Fire It Toward Olympia.
The stranger has declared over and over and over and over that things would be fine if we just shut down the viaduct with no replacement. Yet here we have total gridlock from a shut down in only one direction. Now you find a new way to blame the government for bad traffic. Keep it classy guys.
Mar 24 Granny Smith commented on Seattle Has the Fastest Growing Rich in the US.
Blackfoot has no public transportation, no planning and is 83% white (compared to Seattle at 70%)
Mar 5 Granny Smith commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
Not parking at harbor island will stop oil drilling? The naive simplicity of your argument would be adorable anywhere but a newspaper. The stranger needs to hire some reporters.
Mar 2 Granny Smith commented on The Morning News: Bellevue's New Police Chief, Pussy Riot on TV, and the Warmest February Ever.
There are pot shops in Tacoma that opened in August. How is this different?
Feb 26 Granny Smith commented on Why Was the Space Needle Just Named "Corporate Leader of the Year"?.
A local LGBT chamber of commerce gave an award to a dues-paying member. One person posted a comment on Twitter. This is what passes for news on Slog now? You guys need to hire some reporters.
Feb 3 Granny Smith commented on The Mysteries of Seattle's New-to-Town Tech Workers.
@4 Multiply by 2000 to get an annual wage from hourly. All those extra hours rarely count for this type of reporting.

$40,000 - $120,000
Jan 20 Granny Smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lotion Up.
There are a dozen reason why someone might be bad at initiating sex and many of them are not something that can easily change. Talk about it and be prepared to be the initiator in the relationship. It is just one of the many things in sex that can be the primary responsibility of one partner.
Jan 13 Granny Smith commented on Macklemore Performed a "Thrift Shop" Parody with Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street Yesterday.
#3 the Muppets were solidly pop culture in 1969 when SS premiered. It was somewhat controversial as they had a very adult sense of humor in their many mainstream, nighttime appearances.

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