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Mar 22 Granny Smith commented on Trumpcare Is in Trouble.
Mar 16 Granny Smith commented on Matt Hickey Has to Pay $332,000 for His Fake Porn Scam, Judge Rules.
@1 these are not criminal complaint fines but instead the state suing in civil court for bad business practices. They ignored the criminal aspect and focused on the consumer protection aspects of the case.

This is the whole point of the article and the case.
Mar 14 Granny Smith commented on The Guardian: Spokane Is Such a Shithole, College Basketball Is the Only Thing Keeping Everyone There from Committing Suicide.
Also "sits on a tiny lump of a hill" is an odd description of a valley. I lived there once and it is truly a terrible place.
Feb 28 Granny Smith commented on The Most Unforgettable Oscars in the History of the Human Race.
It is so easy to forget that Charles is actually a pretty good writer.
Feb 1 Granny Smith commented on God Is Into Chastity Play.

with over 5 hours of content.

Jan 27 Granny Smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: One and Done?.
I second the idea that bathroom stuff is not the same as seeing a movie you don't like. Freud was abscessed with the effect of toilet training on adult behavior. It is no coincidence that anal-retentive folks are averse to scat. I personally have to close my eyes and plug my ears to pee in a crowded bathroom. There is no way I could pee on another person, despite willingness.
Jan 12 Granny Smith commented on About Trump's L.L. Bean Tweet.
Andy tweets serious political stuff all day, every day. So much for journalistic standards. You guys are an embarrassment.
Jan 4 Granny Smith commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Trump Supporters Want Invite To Their Gay Wedding.
@1 Can we please stop with the defending of trump voters? It doesn't matter if voters had anti-gay intentions. The racist, misogynistic and xenophobic stuff is more than enough to earn the wrath of the gays and those who support them.

believe it or not, we cis-gendered white gay men care about something other than ourselves.
Dec 13, 2016 Granny Smith commented on After Meeting With Trump, Bill Gates Proves That He Can’t Be Trusted to Fight Climate Change.
If you lived here in the 80's you would know that Bill is a terrible, terrible person.
Dec 13, 2016 Granny Smith commented on I, Anonymous.
Was this your first bus ride?