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  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: people who are uptight about grammar and don't realize how elitist that is
  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • Bring It On or Stomp the Yard
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: ... my head? as it should be

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Sep 9 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
I've always used "they" as my default pronoun unless I'm speaking about a specific person by name.

So for example if someone says to me "my partner is going to the mall" I'd say "I hope they have a good time"

Not "I hope they has a good time" (what?)

I'll admit it's a lot harder to use when you're referring to a specific person with a known gender but if someone wanted me to do it for them I'd get over it. People complain about using the singular 'they' but you really wanna come and tell me 'he/she' or 's/he' is better? Especially when speaking??
Sep 3 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
Wow and the number of people sympathetic to SNAP...
Sep 3 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
You don't "have" to lie and cheat to be with anyone. If you don't like someone's parameters for a relationship, challenge them. Dump them. But for the love of god don't be the kind of patronizing piece of shit that says "well your concerns are so irrational that it's beneath me to even treat you with the respect I'd treat an equal, I'll just lie to you!"

I think the wife's demands are unreasonable, personally. But I think what the husband did was unethical, scummy and all-around wrong.

She has every right to be mad at him.
Aug 26 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
@auntie and inbed

The first pee of the morning is more concentrated, which means more smelly and probably more unpleasant tasting too - probably not fantastic for watersports.
Aug 26 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
"I feel she should stop charging my husband for sessions, as we are now friends."

Aug 20 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.

Yeah, exactly.

Plus not to mention the monetization side of it. Objectification paid for the roof over my head, my school books, heck, I wouldn't have a degree if it weren't for objectification.

If I ever had to feign outrage I'd choke on it at the outset.
Aug 20 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
Being objectified by someone who doesn't care about the rest of you? Most people don't find that sexy.

SO much fun.
Aug 20 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
"did you condescend to give my body permission to experience a strong refractory period on condition that it makes me happy?"

Aug 19 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.
Wait... did you just say 'good girl!' like I'm a dog and then attempt to ask a question?
Aug 19 mydriasis commented on Savage Love.

If you're happy with the way things work for you that's fine but people are all different.

I'm lucky because I come really fast. As long as the guy isn't someone Missy Elliot would sing about I'm going to usually come a few times, then he comes, and the world is wonderful. But if someone did to me what you do to your partners I'd probably dump them.

HOWEVER we're not eachother's types so that's all fine.

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