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Nov 12 blowdart commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
Because I'm a filthy foreigner.

Still, I read the voter pamphlets with interest because it's kind of funny (in a depressing "What the fuck are you people doing with my tax money" way) to see the lies trying to justify each sides arguments and the puff biographies on candidates.
Oct 7 blowdart commented on As Ridership on Light Rail Grows, Citizens of This City Need to Improve Their Social Intelligence.
Oh please. London has this too, and it's public transport is light years ahead of Seattle's. has some examples.

But frankly the silliness that is… more than makes up for it.
Sep 3 blowdart commented on Our Long National Nightmare Is Over.
As a Brit living in Seattle (and stealing your jobs and your women) I feel I should apologise for Piers Morgan.

However you did send Madonna first. So you deserve it.
Aug 15 blowdart commented on The Morning News: Cop Who Killed Mike Brown Identified, and America's Largest Pot Festival Starts Today.
Ah the joy of hempfest, 3 days of watching people jay walk in Queen Anne, presumably because that's the nearest Taco Bell.
Jul 24 blowdart commented on The New Body of Microsoft: Nadella Is Lean, Ballmer Is Not.
"His speech is measured and Spartan. His disciplined form matches his disciplined attitude."

Yea no. If you look at the layoff email it's waffles around synergy and lots of corporate non-speak. It's not measured or spartan in any way at all.
Jul 3 blowdart commented on "A Burger Has Never Made Me Cry Before".
Has morrissey spoken out against it? Anything that annoys morrissey is good by me.
Jul 2 blowdart commented on SL Letter of the Day: If Not Unicorns Then What?.
Yea, another vote for lavender crème brûlée. However the best I ever had was basil crème brûlée.
May 29 blowdart commented on #YesAllWomen Rally at Westlake This Friday.
A scream around Westlake? People will just assume it's coming from 3rd and Pine.
Apr 17 blowdart commented on Portland to Flush an Entire Reservoir Because Teen Urinated into It.
You've all missed the real reason. That kid brushed with fluoride toothpaste - that's the contamination risk.
Mar 19 blowdart commented on After Lengthy Battle, Seattle Regulates Its Rideshares.
@10 And by loophole you really mean "ignore it, because we're disruptive. Hurrah!"

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