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Oct 10 Fred Casely commented on Hillary Clinton Won the Town Hall Debate.
I was disappointed that Hillary didn't quote the first line from his Pussygate apology video — "I've never said I was a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone I'm not" — and ask him why he recorded it himself rather than let one of his spokespeople like John Miller or John Barron do it.
Oct 10 Fred Casely commented on The Morning News: Presidential Debate Rage, a Call for State GOP Party Chair's Resignation, and Seattle Racism.
Somewhat related to @7: How is it that "New Column! Introducing Trump University's Newest Class: The Art of Debate!" can be "Most Commented under 'New Column!'" when the comments for it are not turned on?

There seems to be no rhyme or reason these days for which pieces allow commenting. I know Jen and Rich Smith (almost) never allow comments. But, "I, Anonymous"? I even seem to remember a fairly recent SLLOTD that had the comments turned off (at least at first) for no apparent reason. What gives?
Oct 6 Fred Casely commented on Auto Industry: Why Build a High-Speed Train Line Between Vancouver and Seattle When You Could Have More Cars?.
@2 you're complaining about that, and not the 90-word, single-sentence first paragraph?
Oct 3 Fred Casely commented on SL Letter of the Day: Equilateral Triad.
If any Savage Love Letter of a Day a Couple of Years Ago cries out for a follow-up, it's this one.
Sep 16 Fred Casely commented on Bridget Jones’s Baby: A Bright Light in the Apocalypse.
Hey — new moms are busy! They don't have time to write more than six paragraphs about a movie, or mention anything about the cast or director. Cut her some slack!
Sep 15 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
@79: People who are "handy with a lawnmower" are legion. If someone pretty is being solicited out of the blue to mow a lawn, it may be less about their skill and more about the other party's interest in watching them do it. That doesn't make it quasi-sexwork along the lines of nude housecleaning — but it still may be, to some degree, why they ask.
Sep 15 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
Then again, porn actors are in a unique circumstance. If bareback porn were to become the norm, the industry could take steps to assure that every performer is either on PrEP or undetectable. That's a lower level of risk than it would be in the general population, where even if one casual partner is on PrEP, the other may have a high viral load.
Sep 15 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
Make that "preventing HIV transmission"
Sep 15 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
...and the emergence of drugs regimens (PrEP) that provide more protection against HIV infection than condoms
I don't question the essential truth of this, and I'm not sure there many non-porn-stars who would face an either/or choice.

But I think this is the first time I've heard an expert seem to say that if your goal is preventing HIV and you can use only one method, you're better off with PrEP alone than with condoms alone.