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10:07 AM yesterday Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
Lots of them, actually.
9:47 AM yesterday Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
I'm no expert on chastity, or whatever equipment a person might need to maintain it, but: Surely there's a device on the market that's flexible enough that it would pose no danger to an unaware lap dancer. Aircraft cable encased in silicone, maybe?
Jan 14 Fred Casely commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
Contentious though this thread may be, there is something we can perhaps all agree on: Best use of color and animation in this feature to date.
Jan 13 Fred Casely commented on King County Prosecutors File a New Rape Charge Against Matt Hickey.
@18 you better hope James Bible's case isn't as weak as yours.
Jan 10 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous.
As someone who drove a Karmann Ghia for 15 years and has lived more than half his life in the snow belt, I am one of those people who wouldn't find that surprising at all.

And, just for the record, I'm not a nit-wit.
Jan 10 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous.
Talk about projection
Three comments in, and we're already actually comparing someone to Hitler, as opposed to joking about someone doing it. Okay then.

As for the rest of @3 — oh, never mind.
Jan 10 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous.
Yes, that's Adolf Hitler — famously the driving force (sorry!) behind the creation of that very model of car.
Jan 10 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous.
Sure, maybe LW could have kept their car in better condition so that wouldn't have happened it the first place. But depicting him as Hitler in the accompanying illustration seems out of line.
Jan 9 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stamping Out "Just My Preference" Gays.
"Oh, but if I don't put 'no this or that' in my profile I'll get swamped with messages from guys I'm not going to be attracted to!"

There are worse problems than having too many admirers — and you don't have to respond to them. You could ignore them, I suppose, but why not take the opportunity to gain some insight into yourself by seeing who's into you?
Jan 4 Fred Casely commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
I thought it was weird that comments would be turned off for "I, Anonymous", cover stories and other features — basically, anything on the site other than SLOG. But it's just a browser issue.

A person might want to look into that.