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Aug 25 Fred Casely commented on Russian Hacker Convicted in Seattle of Massive Credit Card Fraud Involving Pizza Parlors.
@1: It's hard to believe that anyone who refers to it as "(the) homosexual community" would have had enough inside knowledge of the Broadway Grill to have an informed opinion.
Aug 25 Fred Casely commented on Cafe Nordo's Mediocre Dinner Theater Reign Continues with The Glass Menagerie.
@1: I understand that when Rich is disappointed, he get that awful suffering look on his face, like the picture of Jesus’ mother in the museum.
Aug 24 Fred Casely commented on New Column.
Why was "asshat" singled out, while "assclown" remains in the lexicon? It's simple: the circus lobby has become a pathetic shell of its former self, and no longer has any pull on Federal regulators.

But in the six decades since Ike railed against "the millinery-industrial complex," its influence has only grown stronger.
Aug 23 Fred Casely commented on SL Letter of the Day: One and Done?.
@19: Asparagus is the exception you alluded to @14, isn't it?

I get it. Anything associated with Louie Gohmert is a boner killer.
Aug 23 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
TG: If I were a Native woman dating you, and the first thing you told people about our relationship was that it's "mixed" even though that was irrelevant to whatever was being discussed, I'd cheat and fight with you too.

I'd probably still jerk you off, though.

In my experience, upwards of 95% of men enjoy handjobs. If that's a fetish, then so is missionary-position PIV.
Aug 23 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
I'm going out of town in a couple of weeks. Any other Freds Casely willing to fill in for me? Anyone? Hello?
Aug 23 Fred Casely commented on SL Letter of the Day: One and Done?.
@13: Any kink that requires the consumption of light beer is A Fetish Too Far.
Aug 22 Fred Casely commented on Russell Wilson and Ciara Moved Their Wedding From North Carolina Because of Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws.
The Seahawks quarterback hasn't spoken publicly about the so-called "bathroom laws", which bar transgendered people from using the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.
For the record, SB2 has other provisions targeting those who are gayed, lesbianed, and bisexualed.
Aug 22 Fred Casely commented on EOD: Wu-Tang Clan and the Beatles Come Together For Some New Mash-Ups.
As recounted by a fly who claimed to be on the wall at a recent Stranger editorial meeting:

“Next item: We’re getting too much traffic on SLOG in the evening and overnight, long after we’ve stopped posting anything new for the day. It’s annoying. Any ideas?”

“Can we shut down the whole site between, say, 8pm and 8am? Then we wouldn’t get any page hits at all. Problem solved!”

“Too much trouble. How about this: Whoever writes the last post of the day, just label it as that so everyone knows there’s no reason for them to visit the site until Morning News goes up.”

“So, each afternoon there’ll be a post titled something like, ‘End of Day’?”

“Too wordy. Let’s abbreviate it to ‘EOD’.”

“Will people figure out what that stands for?”

“Give it a week or two and see; if they don’t, we can just explain it at the bottom of the post every day.”
Aug 19 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Quick Hits.
@5 it's the best part of being a man if you're outdoors or in a public restroom. Otherwise, "peeing like a girl" is the way to go. It combines my love of sitting with my love of not aiming.