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2:15 PM Fred Casely commented on Mars Hill Church Raised a Lot of Money to Throw a "Jesus Festival" That Never Happened.
Jesus was supposed to be their headliner, but after they booked him it came out that he plagiarized a bunch of stuff. So they really had no choice other than cancelling the whole thing.
12:08 PM yesterday Fred Casely commented on Police Misconduct Is Out of Control.
A policeman's bonds to the citizens who employ him should be stronger than his bonds to his "brothers" in blue, especially when those brothers are bad, dirty, or incompetent.
@9's comment brings up a noteworthy issue. Yes, the FPD's makeup should better reflect the community it serves — but that community is not only about two-thirds black, it's also at least half female.

Incidents like the inciting one here happen because many police "services" are infused with an unhealthy level of macho bullshit. If women were represented on them in ratios which reflected their share of the population, it would go a long way toward reining that in.
Aug 16 Fred Casely commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
@7: It's Margo Howard, idiot.
Aug 15 Fred Casely commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
There's no mention of any other person than the LW and the husband. I could understand being reluctant to disclose this to family or friends. I could also imagine a woman who has lived with someone this messed up since age 17 not having many other people in her life to confide in.

Dan's response is mostly right on, but ignore the "get him to a therapist" part; you don't want to do anything that might signal your intentions.

Your first priority should be to find an attorney. It will make all the difference, and possibly save your life.

In the words of Margo Walter, daughter of the aforementioned Ann Landers: Don't ask me how I know this.
Aug 14 Fred Casely commented on How Far We've . . . Not Come.
In the late '90s I bought a house built in 1949 in a suburb east of Oakland. The covenant had a paragraph that had been blacked out. My agent told me what it had contained, saying, "Yeah, this is where a lot of people moved after Berkeley integrated its public schools."
Aug 14 Fred Casely commented on Here's What Ferguson, Missouri Looks Like.
Either @6 is displaying uncharacteristic insight, or he saw the first 90 seconds of last night's Maddow.
Aug 7 Fred Casely commented on Are You Drinking Prosecco?.
I blame Giada De Laurentiis.
Aug 7 Fred Casely commented on They're Going to Blame the Gays for Climate Change.
Every so often, though, Ol' Four-Eyes does manage to hit the target, if not the bullseye:
The Sun Tavern originally stood on the northwest corner of what is now EnergySolutions Arena. After the building was demolished, it moved to 200 South and 600 West before a freak tornado blew it down in 1999. Religious zealots said it was God’s way of punishing the sinners who frequented that “homo-sexshul” establishment, although the windows in front of the Christus statue on Temple Square were also cracked.
Aug 6 Fred Casely commented on The Children of Mass Transit: Seattle Has Lots of Growing to Do.
@44: @49 was for you — not @40, to whom I would reply: Only a fraction of passengers on any rail line serving an airport are air travelers, and even most of those don't have so many bags (or such large ones) that it makes sense to have dedicated luggage space on cars. If you did, people would complain about crowding during peak times and having to either stand or wait for the next train while luggage space sits empty.
Aug 6 Fred Casely commented on The Children of Mass Transit: Seattle Has Lots of Growing to Do.
@40 the Silver Line isn't rail — it's a trolley bus. I took the subway from Airport Station on the Blue Line.

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