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Mar 16 Fred Casely commented on More Traditional Republican Hypocrisy.
"Ralph Shortey": Two great euphemisms that go great together!
Mar 10 Fred Casely commented on Traditional Republican Hypocrisy.
@11: I'm a little confused about exactly what is the question being bet on and what is the winner's payoff.
Mar 10 Fred Casely commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Walks Into a Capitol Hill Gay Bar.
Raindrop, are you saying the average gay guy is as offended by a straight guy flirting with him as the average straight guy is by queer attentions? Really?
Mar 2 Fred Casely commented on The Incredible Hulk Holds a Town Hall.
I challenge anyone to follow the Open City category link above the title, scroll through, and make any sense of it. What does this piece have in common with "How to Get Support if You're the Victim of a Hate Crime" or a Teatro ZinZanni review?
Feb 23 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love.
How do I get him to loosen up and feel more comfortable about talking to me so that we can eventually progress to some new experiences?
Maybe get some edibles and sparkling wine?
Feb 14 Fred Casely commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Don't Worry, Dating's Hard for Everyone.
For women who are past college and looking for a relationship with a man who holds a professional job, the Bay Area has got to have some of the greatest odds in the USA.

Of course, in this particular case, the LW would also have to be ready to deal with being one of the few black people in the area, which she might or might not find comfortable.
You're referring the the San Francisco Bay Area, right? Where more than 7% of the residents are black? As opposed to greater Portland, where fewer than 3% are?
Feb 10 Fred Casely commented on Get Half-Naked, Run for Charity.
This is obviously an event that calls for a drinking game, so: One shot every time someone wearing just a shirt says, "Hey, you didn't say which half!"
Feb 7 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous.
Pea shooter.
Feb 1 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous: Womxn's March Fashion Police.
@12: They sure don't look dilated to me.
Feb 1 Fred Casely commented on I, Anonymous: Womxn's March Fashion Police.
According to my eye doctor, anyone with blue eyes should always wear sunglasses outdoors during daylight hours whether it's sunny or not.