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Jul 25, 2016 davidcon commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
First, Clinton is more than just no-trump. Reproductive health, SCHIP, pro-labor and union, START treaty, Iran. A lifetime of service.

And more important than her specific accomplishments, or Sanders', or anyone's, is having any Democrat to ensure good appointments to federal agencies, departments and courts.

"Any Democrat" is going to appoint good people -- who think the government is more than something to just be dismantled -- to the DOJ, State Department, EEOC, EPA, NLRB, and more. "Any republican" is going to appoint climate-deniers to run the EPA, union-busters for the NLRB, and probably Cliven Bundy to the DOI.

These appointees, one way or the other, will set policy and law through administrative decisions and rule-making, which have more impact on our daily lives than most people would ever imagine. Through administrative decisions and rule-making, these appointees will set the direction of the country with respect to labor, consumer protections, the environment and more.

Oh, and as many people, have already mentioned, the US Supreme Court: Citizen's United, District of Columbia v. Heller, ATT v. Concepcion, Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Hobby Lobby, striking down medicaid expansion and more, all brought to you by the Roberts Court.
Apr 26, 2016 davidcon commented on You Know What the Most Frustrating Thing About Dan Savage Is? He Refuses to Listen to Hamilton.
I think it is basically impossible to catch all the wit, plot, word play and everything else that is great about this musical on the first time through. And you are denying yourself the pleasure of the music until you get a chance to see it, as well.

We are right about this just like we were right about Game of Thrones being awesome.
Dec 4, 2015 davidcon commented on Trump's Lead Grows.
"There is nothing about his campaign that is not terrible." Well, except helping Clinton win. His rhetoric is terrible, his participation a dangerous disgrace, yet winning is the only thing that matters. A Democrat in the WH = a fairer judiciary, a check on Congress, and actual empowerment of the federal agencies and departments that impact our lives in so many ways (DOJ, EPA, FTC, NLRB, EEOC, etc., etc., etc.) Vote Clinton, tolerate Trump.
Jul 28, 2015 davidcon commented on I, Anonymous.
Whenever I start missing Seattle too much I read the comments on a post like this. Really is a PNW special to suggest calling 911 for a noise complaint, @40.
Apr 15, 2014 davidcon commented on The Tuesday Morning News: Russian Ruse, Dope Hope, Blue Base, and a Red Satellite.
"Priest" is a bit of a give-away. Most Protestant denominations have reverends or preachers, I believe. Idk though, atheist here.
May 31, 2013 davidcon commented on It's Looking More and More Like Illinois Legislators Are Not Going to Vote on Gay Marriage Today.
Better to vote on it and fail, than to not bring it up. Get each Democrat on record for where they stand, and then get rid of all those who choose discrimination
May 29, 2013 davidcon commented on I, Anonymous.
I don't know if this is that terrible...maybe the brother-husband thing could fly? The author doesn't sound super appealing him(?)self...
Apr 3, 2013 davidcon commented on Chicago Bears: The National Organization for Marriage Is Lying, NOM Does Not Represent Teams Views "On Any Social Issues".
Yeah, I love the seabirds but the Niners and Bears have put us to shame.
Feb 21, 2013 davidcon commented on This Story Has Slog Written All Over It.
No way. She is Florida Man's love interest (but clearly it is not reciprocated).
Feb 13, 2013 davidcon commented on Anti-Gay Bigots Surprised to Learn They Don't Speak for Sullivan, Sullivan First Christian Church, Or Sullivan High School.
Under Pickering v. Board of Education, 391 U.S. 563 (1968), the District would likely be allowed to terminate the teacher/counselor without violating her first amendment rights, even though her speech was on a matter of public concern, and made while off-duty. Under Pickering, a public school employer may discipline a teacher for certain types of speech which "either impeded the teacher's proper performance of his daily duties in the classroom or to have interfered with the regular operation of the schools generally."

I would say both apply.