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Nov 17 aureolaborealis commented on SL Letter of the Day: Give Up Already.
I don't see why people think the wife is any more truthful than the husband. Anyone who can hide an intimate relationship for three years is good at lying and doesn't mind doing it.

Time will tell whether they keep on lying to each other, because the lies are the part they like.

I was thinking the same thing. We've got two proven liars here. Furthermore, I thought to myself, a three-year relationship is what one of these liars is admitting to ... I wonder what the reality is.
Aug 14 aureolaborealis commented on Wesley Lowery, Washington Post Reporter Arrested in Ferguson, Tells His Story, with Video.
@8: I'm guessing that a fair number of the Officer McFriendlies with flak jackets and assault weapons are at least sympathetic to the Tea Party cause, if not active members.
Aug 7 aureolaborealis commented on There Has to Be a Better Way to Say "Really, Really Gay".
@26,30: That's .. that's quite an act you've got there. What's it called?
Jul 31 aureolaborealis commented on I Saw Three Black People in Vienna Today....
@80: I feel like the theoretical apparatus that will make you coherent to me is always just out of reach. Some kind of lens that resolves the smears and spatters into points and lines. I suspect that we would agree about many things, but I can't always tell. I am pretty confident, though, that I know what you would identify as my obstacle to understanding.
Jul 22 aureolaborealis commented on SPD Investigating Another Bullethole-Ridden Target Left on Capitol Hill.
@1,2, 14, etc.: I was thinking shotgun.
Jul 14 aureolaborealis commented on Six Members of a Suburban Texas Family Shot "Execution Style".
The Asshole of the Internets

You can't just go and post something like that without a link. It's simply not civilized.
Is it 4Chan? Reddit? HuffPost?
Jun 10 aureolaborealis commented on "Everyday USA": Man Shoots Wife, Children, Self.
@9: Yes. I've always felt that people who are planning killing sprees followed by suicide should just start with themselves, you know, as a limited test. If the trial phase is successful, they can then expand the project to their heart's content.
Jun 10 aureolaborealis commented on "Everyday USA": Man Shoots Wife, Children, Self.
Ants, wasps, and bees of the order Hymenoptera have been living in oregonized societies for millions of years ...

And they all live in peaceful non-violent coexistence ... one big nurturing sisterhood, if you will.
May 23 aureolaborealis commented on The Most Fundamental Truth About Sex.
In 7th grade, the wrestling coach showed us pictures of penises with sores and dripping pus and told us, "Boys, this is what happens when you rub bellies with the wrong kind of girl. Questions?" That was sex ed in rural Colorado.
May 23 aureolaborealis commented on The Most Fundamental Truth About Sex.
I usually try not to pay too much attention to Dirtclustit sub-threads, but here I am anyway, and I have no idea what just happened. Is it the Apocalypse?

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