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Dec 24 geoff teardrop commented on When Oh When Will Sun City Girls’ Classic Torch of the Mystics LP Get Reissued?.
scg do everything on their own terms. one of the many things to learn from them

if there is a party or wake when i die, all i want is someone to cover "space prophet dogon" to send me off right
Nov 11 geoff teardrop commented on Check Out a Cut from Seattle Garage-Rock Trio Dreamsalon's New LP, Soft Stab.
the record is so good. they've also been absolutely rabid the last couple times i've seen em... don't miss!
Nov 6 geoff teardrop commented on The Song of the Day Is Teengenerate's "Let's Get Hurt".
i heard theres a "get action" docu in the works. keep yer eyes peeled....
Oct 20 geoff teardrop commented on Sharlese Metcalf, Northwest Audio Authority.
i feel like a U-Men single being played at 33rpm is a winning formula....

sharlese is cool
Oct 16 geoff teardrop commented on Liner Notes Writer Pat Thomas Delves Deeper Into Jon Hassell/Brian Eno’s Fourth World Vol. 1.
i can't believe no other media outlet is biting on this! one of the most important albums...EVER. a true document of changing times
Oct 13 geoff teardrop commented on Song of the Day Is Musk's "Last Stand/Rot Soft".
way different than the demo material, but still great
Aug 21 geoff teardrop commented on In the Red Records to Reissue the Intelligence's Caustic Debut LP, Boredom and Terror.
great album. i found a copy of this album on CD for a dollar at sonic boom in ballard and got it for a 13 year old niece for christmas along with a few others. i listened my copy a few weeks later, and am still wondering if that was a good idea
Aug 5 geoff teardrop commented on What Are You Doing This Week? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
kelly, the stickers release show (show of the year????) is on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 6 geoff teardrop commented on Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, Rrose Head Up First Wave of Decibel Festival Artist Bookings.
been crushin on rrose pretty hard. good news

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