Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Nov 14 Foonken2 commented on Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?.
was sad about Paseo but this article reminded me that a cheesesteak with cheddar; just meat and cheese, is a GREAT sarnie. Love TATs, saves me from a crap day at work .
Nov 4 Foonken2 commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
hatters gonna hat
Oct 2 Foonken2 commented on Tao Lin Accused of Abuse and Literary Theft.
Lin's work has become increasingly less abstract and deals increasingly more with his experience of the human condition. Richard Yates clearly was full of hardly edited dumps from gchat it.

I agree with @5, it's pretty upsetting that he went that way. Not cool.

I love his works, but to find out he's a 1 (or probably 5) percenter last year, then this.......
Sep 19 Foonken2 commented on The Morning News: Tunnel Being Built Without Bertha, and Scotland Still Part of the UK.
I had GREAT experience returning my modem (they even sent me a box to do it), and got a check for $25 dollars because I had overpaid for something at some point over the four years I was with them.

Not saying Comcast is good, but it's not 100% bad all the time......
Sep 18 Foonken2 commented on From the Archives: Worrying About Growth in Seattle, in 1999.
about 278,000 between 2000 - 2012.
Sep 8 Foonken2 commented on Not So Fast, Pumpkin Spice: Caramel Apple Is Fighting For Fall's Absurd Food Throne.
Where r the pumpkin spice/ caramel apple Cadburys mini eggs though?
Aug 1 Foonken2 commented on Unions Sue City Over Preschool Ballot Fight.
@1, centaur is the new bird/fox/owl of the hipster graphic design-i-verse
Jul 30 Foonken2 commented on New Manhattan High-Rise Will Have a Separate Entrance for Poor People.
Yeah, this is illegal per the tax credit program so the IRS'll get 'em.

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