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Jul 18 Foonken2 commented on Thanks for NOTHING, Nordstrom Rack.
Jun 18 Foonken2 commented on Council Committee Passes Land Use Bill that Is Literally Making People Cry.
The less rare your house is the less money it gives the owner.
Jun 11 Foonken2 commented on The Morning News: We're Number One! (As a Destination for California Tech Refugees.) Also: Ew. Green Slime at UW Med..
@6, I thought similar - is part of the Jury Foreman's role to make these kinds of statements?
Jun 9 Foonken2 commented on Fox News Reporting That Aggressive McKinney Cop Involved in the Pool Incident Has Resigned.
It is not clear from that fox article what his surname is? Does anyone know his surname?
Jun 4 Foonken2 commented on Megyn Kelly Interviews Ma and Pa Duggar.
Troll trolls trolls, gets trolled.
Jun 3 Foonken2 commented on Geico Advertises Cheap Car Insurance in the Sky Above Shell's Polar Pioneer Drill Rig.
@8 Which adverts would you approve of? Who approves of adverts? Yikes.

"Yay, I'm glad there's a Bacardi advert in this newspaper!"

" oh look on that wall! My favorite John Deer ad!"

"I wish more people would see this coke commercial and buy coke"
May 29 Foonken2 commented on Supreme Court Poised to Fuck Urban America.
@2, 3/5ths comp. was to reduce the population of slave states i think?

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