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Oct 2 TampaDink commented on Newly Obtained Returns Show Trump Probably Hasn't Paid Federal Taxes In 18 Years.
He & his surrogates will claim that this makes him smart and that Bill Clinton's affairs make him saintly.
Jun 22 TampaDink commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Good Priests, Shitty Bishops.
As another queer cultural catholic I was surprised to hear about the local bishop's recent blog post where he took ownership for religion (including his) playing a role in homophobia & bigotry. He also called for new gun laws.
My still practicing friends who told me about it also said that the bishop has been inundated with hate mail for showing some signs of being a decent human being. The cynic in me feels like he probably only felt bold enough to write this blog since he is close to retirement & has no fucks left to give. For what it is worth...here's a link to the blog post.
May 23 TampaDink commented on Donald Trump Is Out With a New Attack Ad.
This ad is probably going to sink Bill's chances of becoming our 45th president. I hope that Hillary's people remember that taking swipes at the opponent's spouse is not acceptable, unless your name is Donald Drumpf.
May 18 TampaDink commented on Donald Trump Is Not.
@4: Chutzpah (or if you prefer the Michele Bachmann spelling/pronunciation....shoots paw) isn't something that is appealing enough to have our 45th president be our last.
Apr 11 TampaDink commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Meat the Wife.
Given Dan's sage advice, I suspect that the wife will gladly accept alimony, child support & a dependable ex husband. Either way, CLAP gets the shaft while she gets the gold mine.
Damned (& poor) if he does, just damned to a sexless marriage if he doesn't.
Apr 4 TampaDink commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Thrilla In Vanilla.
I get the sense that the LW blames (credits) Dan with the invention of kink....and that her food reference might be related to her husband of 37 years announcing during a dinner party that he's actively bisexual & has discovered piss play. Ya know, the kind of thing that causes a dinner party to be unforgettable for everyone in attendance. (Especially the wife who is stuck washing dishes when her husband leaves the house in rubber.)
Seriously, why is the LW scolding Dan? Did her relationship implode from a disclosure session that began with, "Dan Savage says that....."?
Mar 11 TampaDink commented on Hillary Clinton: "The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start 'a national conversation' about HIV and AIDS.".
I agree, Hillary needs to take back her statement or at least clarify that she meant that R & N's failure to acknowledge the plague made people talk about why the fuck they wouldn't talk about it.
Feb 29 TampaDink commented on Oh Look, There's an Ad in Today's New York Times About What a Bad, Bad Man Dan Savage Is.
I hope that Dan will join the producers of "The Real O'Neal's" will join me (and the rest of the future fans of the new show) in thanking BillDo for the excellent reminder & free advertising. I've been looking forward to this since we first heard about it here on the SLOG but might not have remembered that it is premiering this month, were it not for this friendly reminder.
Feb 23 TampaDink commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Dog's Life.
@ #16: You do raise a good point. When it comes down to gold encrusted brass tacks, I don't think that Melanoma or her husband & child....much less her husbands "hair familiar" is willing to move into public housing, much less put assets into a blind trust & to live under the public scrutiny/microscope that all 1st Families do.
Feb 23 TampaDink commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Dog's Life.
I hope that the final option is the accurate one, that the dog-friend is bull shitting the letter writer. This is one that I hope we hear how things turn out.

p.s. I agree about the notion of trading places with Melanoma Tramp.