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Aug 25 TampaDink commented on Department of Homeland Security Helps NYP Raid and Shut Down
I kind of hope that there will be client lists disclosed, a la Ashley Madison. Even though there would be innocent lives affected, there's bound to be some major hypocrisy exposed.
Aug 10 TampaDink commented on City Council Approves Taxes on Guns and Bullets.
I wish that more cities in America would enact the same. Unfortunately, it seems that Ammosexuals rule much of the country.
Aug 3 TampaDink commented on Really?! The Development Going in Where Mars Hill Used to Be Is Called "The Mark"?.
Matthew, Luke & John are mega(church) pissed.
Jul 23 TampaDink commented on So I Watched Rachel Maddow's Interview With Rick Santorum.
Rachel has too much class & wisdom to have asked Frothy about how long it took his wife to recover from her life-saving, late term abortion. Kudos, Rachel.
Google Santorum
Jul 13 TampaDink commented on More Good News for LGBT Americans.
Elections matter. Anyone who tries to claim that both major parties are the exact same & that a religion driven devotee of the Koch brothers would not try his/her (oh, who am I kidding?) HIS best to undo the progress that we LGBT folks have lived to see under the Obama administration is insane.
Jun 27 TampaDink commented on Remember When Brian Brown Came to My House for Dinner?.
@ #10:
A 15 yr old who lies on social media is almost the exact same thing as a 15 yr. old who molests his younger sisters & goes unpunished for it & then becomes a mouthpiece for the religious right "traditional" marriage crowd. Have you hugged your Duggar today?
Jun 18 TampaDink commented on Brian Brown Suggests Terry and I Stole Our Son from His Biological Parents.
Brian Brown continues to exhibit all of the qualities of a false Christian in order to justify his $200K salary from NOM. I hope that his desperation is because he knows that soon his organization will be more pointless than ever. I also hope that he will find some honest line of employment & that his children will eventually be able to forgive their old man for being a professional bigot. Terry won the debate.
Jun 15 TampaDink commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Opposite of a Sympathy Card.
@ #1 It never even occurred to me that the l.w. & his late partner were not a same sex couple. I guess that I have a funny(gay) take on everything.

As for Dan's advice, I agree. The only thing that I might change (if it is in any way remotely true) would be to tell the evil sister-in-law that her brother always spoke very kindly of her....and that you've known her surname since you learned of her existence 20+ years ago.
Jun 4 TampaDink commented on Mock Not, Lest You… Like Eating Crow.
Just desserts. This one is very a big slice of Schadenfreude pie.
Jun 2 TampaDink commented on Colorado High School Cancels Valedictorian's Graduation Day Speech Because He Was Planning to Come Out.
When I read the name of the principal, I immediately thought of former congress critter, Crazy Eyes & wondered if her husband had embarked on a new career.

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