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Jun 19 TampaDink commented on Rick Perry Admits He "Stepped Right in It" When He Compared Homosexuality to Alcoholism.
I'll have the Texas Ranch Dressing with that word salad.
May 30 TampaDink commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Don't No Fags Go "Touchin' Legs" at Big Earl's in Pittsburg, Texas.
What kind of self respecting human being (gay, straight, bi, trans, etc) would willingly dine in a place that is labeled as a Bait House & Country Store? Are the pan seared Night Crawlers really worth the trip?

Having said that...Big Girl's (which is how the name is pronounced if ya don't use that southern drawl has opened up a Texas sized can of worms and deserve whatever fallout that should come from this. They showed their hand by serving & accepting payment prior to their pronouncement "we don't serve homos....but we do offer up a delightful deep fried minnow, crickets & worm casserole".
May 17 TampaDink commented on Come To Las Vegas.
How will they EVER be able to explain this to their CHILDREN? Think about the CHILDREN, for god's sake! Why does everything unwholesome have to be shoved into the faces of the innocent heterosexuals all of the time? Are we to think that their televisions have buttons that allow for changing channels, muting or turning the machine off? Let's hope that Amy Tilton Kusnir weighs in on this ad on Monday's show.
May 12 TampaDink commented on The Devil Made That Lesbian Do It.
Mama always said, "life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know when lesbians are gonna start throwin' em at your noggin."

My real question for the priest would have been:
How do you know that the women behind you were lesbians? Did they make an announcement? Did you ask them? Might the chocolate have been tossed from someone farther back?
May 2 TampaDink commented on At the Top of My Twitter Feed This Morning.
It is unusual. Did the designer get his/her start by making "bleeding armadillo groom's cakes"?
May 1 TampaDink commented on The Game of Life.
This was soul crushing.....just like real life.
Apr 29 TampaDink commented on Rick Santorum Is Running for President.
I adore this portion of the quote, "Why didn't you go out and bang me a little a bit, hit me you know,..." It would be even better if he'd ended that statement after "you know" and punctuated with a big ole question mark.

So....maybe, this is what he wants from the media (and perhaps a secret luggage lifter) in his 2016 campaign?
Apr 21 TampaDink commented on Three-Year-Old Girl Second Amendments Two-Year-Old Brother.
Kids will be kids. Sometimes not sharing toys gets out of hand. What can ya do? Besides, buying a small casket, loading it up once, & putting it away someplace safe is so much easier than trying to keep up with all of the guns and ammunition (that the evil Obama administration has taken away from everyone). /sarcasm/
Then again, what do I know? It isn't safe for me to marry my boyfriend (of almost 28 yrs.) in our state. But we can stand our ground.
Apr 5 TampaDink commented on Catholic Church Stands With Undocumented Immigrants.
You're a much better recovering Catholic than I am. Maybe it is because I forced myself to play along for more than 40 years....but I admire your willingness to give them the benefit of doubt.

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