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Oct 28 TampaDink commented on SL Letter of the Day: As One Is Wont to Do.
Dan's reply reminded me of the way that Lovey Howell (of Gilligan's Island) spoke. "What does one wear to a party with head hunters?
Oct 23 TampaDink commented on Offered Without Comment.
While I can understand the objection that Dan has to being portrayed as someone who would wear a collared shirt, I can only imagine (with a sense of glee) how Ann would/will react to her characterization.

Take it as a compliment Dan...when you are depicted in art it is a sign of your relevance. Ann depicted in art...not so much...unless she is the subject of a 3 yr. old child's poop finger painting.
Oct 7 TampaDink commented on Who Does Marriage Equality Hurt? Janna Darnelle, That's Who..
I'm sure that if her husband had left her for another woman & soon remarried, she would be opposed to opposite sex marriage....because her children might be considered part of a newly formed family....without her! Poor dear.
Oct 6 TampaDink commented on SL Letter of the Day: Another Thank You Note.
Happy 50th Birthday Dan! Has AARP begun to send you invitations? I tossed mine....and even though I'm a 7 on the Kinsey scale....I'd rather be invited to play along with LUCKY, her fiance' & their fuck buddies.
p.s. N.O.M. can eat shit & die.
Aug 25 TampaDink commented on Crazy Anti-Gay Preacher Turns Left, Turns Right, Calls For Gay People To Be Jailed.
That Lazy Susan was the best idea he's ever had in his breathless life!
Aug 13 TampaDink commented on Republican Candidate Reveals Affair, Suspends Campaign, Leaves Name on Ballot Just In Case Voters Elect Her Anyway.
She comes across as more of an attention whore than a young mother with political aspirations.
Jul 31 TampaDink commented on Masmari Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Neighbours Arson.
@12: I agree.....but doesn't it make 10 years for endangering 700+ people seem less severe? I get it that neither Masmari or Reid actually committed murder but the notion of letting them off with a slap on the wrist for being inept seems weak.
Jul 31 TampaDink commented on Masmari Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Neighbours Arson.
Richard Reid was sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences and 110 years without parole....for killing the same number of people. (zero)
Jun 19 TampaDink commented on Rick Perry Admits He "Stepped Right in It" When He Compared Homosexuality to Alcoholism.
I'll have the Texas Ranch Dressing with that word salad.
May 30 TampaDink commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Don't No Fags Go "Touchin' Legs" at Big Earl's in Pittsburg, Texas.
What kind of self respecting human being (gay, straight, bi, trans, etc) would willingly dine in a place that is labeled as a Bait House & Country Store? Are the pan seared Night Crawlers really worth the trip?

Having said that...Big Girl's (which is how the name is pronounced if ya don't use that southern drawl has opened up a Texas sized can of worms and deserve whatever fallout that should come from this. They showed their hand by serving & accepting payment prior to their pronouncement "we don't serve homos....but we do offer up a delightful deep fried minnow, crickets & worm casserole".

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