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9:37 AM Fortunate commented on If Kids Got Raped At Denny's As Often As They Get Raped At Church....
@1, I volunteer for a sports club that includes kids. I'm not even a coach, I just help set up the equipment before practice. I have to go through a background check because there are kinds involved in the program, and rightfully so.

Yet a youth pastor doesn't have to.

There is something seriously wrong with this.
Jul 1 Fortunate commented on Morning News: Ukraine v. Russia, Kurdistan v. Iraq, Israel v. Hamas, Beetles. v. Ashes.
@2, Indeed.

Every time they win at imposing their beliefs on others, or weakening the separation of church and state, they are opening the door for their own persecution in the future. When Islam becomes the majority in some locations and these people have to send their kids to schools where they will have to pray to Mecca, or their bosses impose some Islamic rules on their workplace you will hear all sorts of crying and complaining from them, and they will need to be reminded that they did this.

They assume they will always have the power, but they are mistaken. One day they will be on the other end receiving the treatment they opened the door to with these law suits.
Jun 26 Fortunate commented on Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones.
So the supreme court said that the 35 foot no protest zone around abortion clinics is unconstitutional. And they issued this ruling from a courthouse that has a much larger no protest zone around it.

So when will they declare the zone around their building unconstitutional.

But my real question, if a person entering an abortion clinic feels threatened by the protesters can they use a stand your ground law to justify shooting them?

Jun 25 Fortunate commented on This Is Such Bullshit.
In a day when true moderates are called extremists, and extremists from the other direction are called moderates this sign is absolutely meaningless.

We are living in a world of 1984 newspeak. You didn't say what you thought you said.
Jun 20 Fortunate commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
What @47 said. A mind diseased by the infection of fundamentalism is it's own punishment.
Jun 20 Fortunate commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
They started the protests, the protests turned violent. Remember the old saying, "The Buck Stops Here"? They are responsible.

As for Reynolds, the excommunication document didn't cite the reason for the excommunication. While I have no doubt his stance on women's ordination played a part there is no justification for denying that his stance on gay marriage didn't play a part.

Pretty much every news report I can find on it cites three reasons. Celebrating mass when he wasn't supposed to, promoting the ordination of women, and supporting same sex marriage.
Jun 20 Fortunate commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
@37, your reading comprehension is lacking. I asked someone who was suggesting that we should applaud the change that the Pope has initiated to list what these changes were, knowing there weren't any.

But I shouldn't be surprised that someone with such delusional thinking wouldn't comprehend that.

I never said I expected change. I just asked those saying there has been change to give some examples. Still haven't seen any, so there you go.

In a government with a constitution you don't get to trample other's rights just because you are in the majority. Perhaps some Civics 101 refreshers will do you some good. You can vote and push for what you want of course, and the rest of us can oppose you and judge you for it. It goes both ways. When the Pope interferes we can judge him for it. When he stops we will leave him and the rest of you alone. That's how it works. Democracy goes both ways.

And remember, you won't always be in the majority. On this issue you are already the minority as the majority of Americans support same sex marriage now. But go ahead and whine some more. Despite your money machine and your vaunted superiority you are still loosing this one. And one day you will be in the minority in on all issues. And on that day when you are moaning and crying because you and your medieval way of thinking have been relegated to the dust bin I am sure someone will remind you, "Well, it's a Democracy. Suck it up sweetcakes".

And there are no unbiased sources. You and your ilk use your biases sources, and we use ours. Modern life sweetheart, deal with it. You have never uttered an unbiased comment in your life I will wager. Your depraved ilk are constitutionally unable to.
Jun 20 Fortunate commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
@35, he held mass with one moderately pro gay priest, and excommunicated another, more strongly pro gay priest, so I call that a wash:


As for anti gay rallies and violence in France: http://americablog.com/2013/05/catholic-…

He can have a mass with whom ever he wants. But when he has a mass with people who fan the flames against people just trying to live their lives in peace and equality we have the right to judge him for it. He had already made it clear where he stands, this just confirms it and makes it clear to those who were being taken in by his gentler speech and fooled into thinking this was a kinder, gentler church.

This is just a reminder to the gullible that this is the same old church with the same old backwards beliefs and that expecting them to change is not realistic. If you value freedom then they are not on your side.
Jun 20 Fortunate commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
@32, you completely miss my point.

I don't care what this Pope thinks. I don't need his approval of the approval of his superstitions. I don't expect him or the Church to change in what they believe or teach.

I don't expect to ever love the Pope, and don't care if he ever becomes someone I would love. I don't care what you personally think either. The cesspool of your mind is your problem.

What I want is for him to stay the hell out of the lives of non Christians / Catholics.

You Christians can fight it out over who is a true Christian. Why would you think I care one whit if you think other people who call themselves Christians are the "true" Christians or not? As far as I am concerned it's about as significant as arguing over who would win a fight, Superman or the Hulk.

You guys fight over who's is interpreting your imaginary friend more accurately, but keep it to yourselves.

My life doesn't need some old guy or his followers' approval. But when you start trying to legislate that insanity then the gloves come off. Do what you want and live how you like, but leave the rest of us alone.
Jun 20 Fortunate commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
@22, Sure, what steps forward has the Catholic Church taken recently exactly (I mean, sure we can go way back and appluade them for no longer burning people alive, but what about in the past 20 years say)? Other than some reforms of the Vatican Bank (because they were assisting in the laundering of money apparently and the Pope didn't like that), and slapping the hand of a Bishop who spent too much money renovating his mansion, what has the Pope actually done? Not what has he given a nice talk on, but what changes has he actually made?

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