Jun 28 gawd commented on Game of Thrones Recap! Kingdom Come in "The Winds of Winter".
Does Ned know nothing? Perhaps.

Ned got right the telegraph of the final drama: two wars, one for the seat of power and another for humanity's survival (Return of the King, anyone?)

What he missed completely was an excellent insight into Littlefinger and Sansa. Littlefinger did something he never does; he showed his hand-- SHOWED HIS HAND: by stating clearly he envisions himself on the iron throne with Sansa (the true Lady of Winterfell) as queen. The most delicious part of the Winterfell scene was her cock-blocking him by condoning Jon's anointment as the second King in the North, after the prior Jon/Sansa scene left it ambiguous about who would assume power in the Castle.

As to the speculation about what happens next, isn't it obvious? Bran wargs himself into Drogon and barbeques the white walkers, regardless of which side of the wall they are on. Because, you know, dragons can fly.

The only real mystery is who becomes Dany's consort? Is it more incest with her half-brother Jon? Or is Jon's real father the greatest-ever producer of Bastards, Robert Baratheon? Or better yet, does Bran use his powers to somehow restore his legs, and then he and Dany connect to unite all of Westeros? Enquiring minds want to know.
Sep 4, 2015 gawd commented on Seriously, Joe Biden: Go Home, Lie Down, Rest, Don't Run for President.
People: don't miss the point of a Biden run. It would not be to win, because he couldn't beat Hillary in the primary. It would be to provide an essential service to Hillary and the party: to be the voice articulating the record and value prop of the Obama presidency, thus helping make the case for continuing Democratic leadership in the WH. It will not be a winning strategy for Hillary (or Bernie) to run by defending the Obama record. But someone HAS to get out there and do that, to cut through all the chaff and remind voters just, exactly, how much phenomenal stuff the sitting President has accomplished. It is the single most powerful reminder of just how much these elections matter. Joe Biden could play that role perfectly. And then retire gracefully having put an exclamation point on his (and his boss's) legacy.
Jul 31, 2014 gawd commented on The Morning News: Boeing Deals Another Blow to Washington State, The GOP Hates the Man God Picked to Be the Pope, GOP Sues Obama for Being the President.
Fact Check needed by Slog & Twitter-- The US has been exporting oil since 1995, when the then-newly annointed Republican leadership of the House & Senate repealed a ban on the export of crude oil from Alaska.

"During the administration of President Bill Clinton, the export ban was lifted for crude oil produced in Alaska. For a few years, producers sold Alaskan oil in Asian markets. Alaskan production has steadily declined, however, making exports less viable."

Mar 5, 2014 gawd commented on It's Waterfront Week™.
The pool barge.... a gathering place for creepiness and chemically treated liquid that once was water. Yuck. Give me a beach with regular beach water.
Feb 25, 2014 gawd commented on The Viaduct Is Sinking.
four tenths sounds like a whole lot more than two fifths. Better call the fire department.
Feb 13, 2014 gawd commented on "Doc" Hastings Was a Shitty, Shitty Congressman.
@3 exactly. Whoever replaces him will even nuttier.

@5 this person: Janéa Holmquist Newbry
Feb 12, 2014 gawd commented on Why Won't the State Tell Us How Far Behind the Tunnel Is?.
There are two questions that need asking here, and Dom is asking only one of them. 1. What is the situation? WSDOT needs to answer that, and Dom should keep on being adick until they do. 2. What can be done to alter the situation? Dom's not asking that one, but should.

This is the time to begin examing the merits of the decision to enter a design-build contract. It's looking more and more like a good decision in retrospect. The D-B approach is intended, in part, to handle situations like this. To wit, the onus is on the contractor and the equipment supplier to deliver the tools to do the job, and execute the job. If they don't, they are not meeting the terms of the deal. The onus is on the owner to define the job specifically enough for the contractor to do it.

Next, these contracts always include claims & dispute resolution processes, with specific procedures for documenting disputes for reconciliation at the end of the job. Among the purposes of this approach is to make sure work continues even if there are disagreements about fault between the owner and contractor.

Finally, insurance will play a major role here. It's also important to know what insurance provisions might apply; a D-B contractor, in fact any contractor, doesn't get awarded the job unless they are well covered with insurance.

So the schedule is totally shot, yes. But the questions of cost overruns and who pays will largely be informed by how the dispute resolution goes, how fault is allocated, and to what extent coverage kicks in. Dom-- time to start asking these questions.
Jan 31, 2014 gawd commented on The International Response to the Knox Verdict.
I thought Knox had been aquitted. Isn't this double jeopardy, being tried for the same crime twice? I don't think that is even allowed in the US, is it?
Jan 29, 2014 gawd commented on Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
What Snowden did.... are we better or worse for it? Better for sure. Full stop.

That said, Snowden is a punk who didn't have the balls to go public on his own soil & trust his society to enable his story to be told. Instead, he ran away and hid behind the cloak of dictator/KGB thug/homophobe Victor Putin and takes petulant pot shots from behind the erstwhile iron curtain. Neener, neener. catch me if you can. Irony anyone?

Snowden has acted in ways that suggest he is more about Snowden than the cause he purports to believe in. Am I glad the information he has is public? Yes. Does there need to be a big public debate about changes to how NSA does business? Absolutely. Does he deserve any respect -- or a peace rpize -- for how he has acted? No effn way. Be a stand up guy, Ed. Own it that society's got rules. Use what you know to change the rules. Dont run & hide in a manner that sends the message that it's OK to selectively comply with laws in a democratic society. You've undermined your own point, dumbass.
Jan 10, 2014 gawd commented on The Stupid Season: Olympia Kicks Off Its Most Pointless Legislative Session Ever.
Goldy - I usually agree with you, especially when you swear. This time I don't. To get this state going back in the right direction, the state Senate needs to change. For the Senate to change, the 2014 election needs a tidal-scale movement. To get a tidal movement, there needs to be a clear and defining exposure of the MCC's deliberate failure to address education and jobs.

The Gov shouldn't spend one more minute on a pointless transportation package that's never going to happen. He should spend the next 60 days shining a bright spotlight on the McCleary decision and the unemployment rate, so that when the MCC predicatably fails to do anything worthwhile he's ready to hit the go button on the "give me a new Senate" campaign. What happens in the next 60 days, then, is incredibly consequential.