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Sep 24, 2013 Stabs commented on The Breaking Bad Chitty Chat Club!.
The Stevia/ricin Lydia connection is a good one, but Walt has absolutely nothing to gain whatsoever from do-ing her in, he'd be better served by giving her up.

Keeping it as an option for himself also makes sense, but there was a still shot of next weeks episode that supposedly shows him outside the shwartz' house, he could easily break in and put the ricin in their coffee, or milk or whatever.

Poor Huell.
Sep 23, 2013 Stabs commented on The Breaking Bad Chitty Chat Club!.
I like the cut of your jib.

I would also watch that show.

Like a few others have said I feel like the Ricin is definitely for the Schwartzes, and the M60 is for the Nazis. When Jesse and Walt meet again it will not be pretty. I've always felt like if Walt died it would have to be at Jesse's hand, but that's a bit predictable.
Sep 20, 2013 Stabs commented on Mark Ruffalo: Hot or Not?.
Am I the only one who thinks Paltrow is completely plain-jane and not "hot" I mean she's "attractive" in a sterile kind of way i that she has a nice body and an unoffensive face, but she's not some great beauty. She's no Selma Heyek.
Sep 13, 2013 Stabs commented on Why Did Star Trek Into Darkness Suck?.
It sucked because there was zero character development. It sucked becacuse the entire spirit of the franchise has been crushed. It sucked because we want to see cool space shit and it ended with a fucking foot-chase on EARTH. It sucked because they completely forgot about the Klingons. It sucked because LENSE FLAIR.
Sep 10, 2013 Stabs commented on Can We Just Talk About Breaking Bad for a Minute?.
"When Jesse goes crazy, Walt is like, "Gosh, guess he found out I poisoned the kid." Why would he jump right to that?"
No, Saul told him, you forget Saul called Walt immediately after Jesse left his office.

"He immediately went to, "Oh, god, Hank has it and now he knows everything." I find it hard to believe he would have even noticed it was missing.
Walt's got a very analytical mind. He knows Hank was acting funny, that was the biggest hint, they're family. He knows he started acting funny after he came out of the bathroom, and he probably realizes that other than the ricin in the electrical outlet that book is the only incriminating evidence he had in his house. He probably thought he was just being paranoid when he went and checked his car for the tracking device, but there you have it.
Sep 5, 2013 Stabs commented on The Ostrich Pillow.
My friend received this anonymously in the office, and called us all in to speculate on what it could possibly be (it came with no indication of what it was or where it came from). I thought it might be some kind of baby papouse, with an extra hole for... belly button? None of us had the slightest clue.
Jul 24, 2013 Stabs commented on In Which Bruce Willis Is a Prick to Some Commercial Radio Bloke.
I actually had to ask Bruce a question for this movie as a part of my job. My boss later lamented that I was not "warned about Bruce" Mostly about his tendency for long pauses between statements, which often appear (to people like my trying desperately to get soundbites so WE can go home) to be periods at the end of sentences, reporters always feel badly when they realize they're cutting him off after one of his long pauses. But I asked him a question about his character in the movie, and he asked me if I'd seen it. I hadn't yet seen it, since it wasn't out yet,(and people like me only get to see it early if we're attending a junket), so I told him I was seeing it later and he gave me such a look of disappointment, a long one. It made the little girl inside me cry, to know Bruce Willis was disappointed in me. and he didn't answer my question, he was also pretty rude to the guy next to me as well. I find it weird that he was just as rude to this guy who HAD seen the movie and seemed quite enthusiastic about it. Maybe Bruce is going through some shit.

John Malkovitch on the other hand was lovely and gracious.
Jul 20, 2013 Stabs commented on The Conjuring: A Scary Movie to Make You SCREEEEEEAAAMMMM!.
@8, there's not much violence at all. You se a woman hanged, and an attempted murder that's not at all gory. There's hardly any blood in it. It only got an R-rating for "overall tone" is what they were told by the MPAA. It's just a freaky movie.
Jul 20, 2013 Stabs commented on The Conjuring: A Scary Movie to Make You SCREEEEEEAAAMMMM!.
I've seen it twice already. The first time I went was a screening and people were FLIPPING OUT. I was kind of over hyped to see it, so the moments where the audience was screaming caused me to burst out in nervous laughter. The second time I watched it with my husband who liked it very much, and he is normally too cool for horror flicks. It's much better than Insidious, and Kelly O is right on about the acting. Vera Farmiga's performance is stellar, as is Taylor's.

Totally worth it.

@9 LEts skip over the fact that when you buy a house the last thing you have is extra money lying around to move your family out of it. But they cover it in the movie that the entity's haunting the house are actually attached to the family itself, for reasons which are later revealed. Quit being too cool for school.
Jun 1, 2013 Stabs commented on Damsels in Distress: Put That Woman in a Fridge!.
HAving watched both the feminist frequency video AND the girl gamer response I have to say they both have valid points. Zelda and Princess PEach are poor examples for the damsel in distress trope for precisely the reasons the girl gamer stated, but their well-fleshed out important characters are the exception to the rule. All the girl gamer's hemming and hawing about how we should "view peach/zelda as full people and not purely as victims" is a little silly, but somewhat valid, but the majority of damsel in distress characters in gaming are not even a quarter as well thought out or developed as they are. Zelda and Peach should be held up as good examples of women in games, but like I said, they're exception and not the rule.

It's not that these tropes should never be used, or that the developers are misogynists, like someone said earlier, it's just that (as some above me have said) writers get lazy with the story when all they want to do is work on the mechanics of their game. Just because it isn't intentionally malicious doesn't mean it isn't regrettable, and possibly somewhat damaging to a young generation of gamers.

It's an interesting subject to ponder, but it's kind of pointless, just like how there's so many fewer substantive roles for women in Hollywood, the industry isn't going to police itself creatively since money is the only goal. And just like with movies, if you look a little harder than the most mainstream product you can always find well-written and original stories.

And maybe just pay attention to what your kids play/watch if you have them.

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