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Jun 24 M. Wells commented on Queer Issue: My Day Job, My Artistic Career, and the Man Who Saved My Life.
I'm so happy to see Stephen's byline. I still remember a great piece he wrote about Basic Plumbing years ago... More please...
Nov 23, 2015 M. Wells commented on The Only Vote Against the Seattle's Left-Created Budget? Kshama Sawant..
Wow, a post mildly questioning Sawant tactics - while still pointed to her accomplishments - really gets a pile on from Sawant stalwarts. The merest whiff of objectivity from a Stranger staffer is the downfall of the alternative press. Weird times...
Nov 6, 2015 M. Wells commented on Why I Won't Write a Review of Suffragette.
I'm glad that this conversation is happening. That said, as a middle aged gay man, obese and not interested in gay marriage or the military, I never see representations of myself in popular or esoteric culture. I understand why the author is done w/ mass media representations but if I chose that path I would never see any art or contemporary culture. I am
Not interested in being seen as comic relief of next door neighbor. And I don't see Hollywood representing my life any time soon. So where does that leave a consumer of popular culture?

It's a worthwhile discussion. I'm just not sure of answers, other than seizing production & creating new narratives.
Oct 15, 2015 M. Wells commented on The City Librarian Wants to Spend Almost $2 Million on a Rebrand. Don’t Let That Happen..
"Your respect and admiration for librarians might even exceed your respect for police officers"

I have never seen a statement on respect for police officers in the Stranger until now. That was refreshingly civic minded, thank you.
Oct 15, 2015 M. Wells commented on Don’t Let Eileen Myles’s Radical Badass Lesbian Reputation Overwhelm the Joy of Actually Reading Her Poems.
Some gay women actually preferred being called lesbians. The More You Know...
Oct 15, 2015 M. Wells commented on The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel on Bernie Sanders, Kshama Sawant, and Running a 150-Year-Old Political Magazine.
It's so refreshing to hear reasoned, seasoned, nuanced thinking on progressive issues. I realize this is an interview but it makes me long for that possibility at the Stranger... More, please, Eli...
Oct 8, 2015 M. Wells commented on Former Mayor Mike McGinn Endorses Citywide Council Candidate Jon Grant.
#2 you're right, I'm sure that he does align w/ Jon Grant more than Tim Burgess. I was being us generous. The Stranger brings that out in me. Apologies.

I feel like we are watching a coordinated plan for McGinn to position himself as a voice/prescence in Seattle politics. I was not a fan. So I like to call it out when I see it.
Oct 8, 2015 M. Wells commented on Former Mayor Mike McGinn Endorses Citywide Council Candidate Jon Grant.
Quelle surprise. McGinn despised Burgess while Mayor and has an opportunity for a little payback. McGinn is trying to cling to a relevance that just isn't there...
Oct 5, 2015 M. Wells commented on Morning News: Gun Violence in Seattle, Homes Up in Flames in Auburn, and Hospitalized High School Football Players.
too bad you didn't pickup your copy of Butt down the street at the locally, homo owned community bookstore...