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Been here forever, but oddly not tired of the place Except for the f#*&ing cold… more »

Jul 21 tedb310 commented on Interview with The Stranger's New Managing Editor, Kathleen Richards.
Nice to hear a recent emigre's view of Seattle. I totally agree with the statement about being afraid to walk to a curb.
Jul 7 tedb310 commented on Not Registered to Vote? Today Is the Final Day to Fix That for the August 5th Primary.
Please keep in mind the July 7th deadline is to register online or update an existing registration. If you are NOT registered at this time you have until July 28th to register in person at either the King County Elections office in Renton or at the annex office at the County Courthouse downtown. Don't think you've missed out just because the first deadline passed.


Mar 12 tedb310 commented on Golden Tate Is Leaving!.
@9 Hawks have a salary cap to worry about with Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman both on rookie contracts making chump change. They have to look ahead at who can stay.
Mar 7 tedb310 commented on Stranger Sales Rep Taunts Editorial Employee with Terrifying Face Wear.
Let me give away my age. All the above references to a monocle are British, but when I see one I think of Col. Klink.
Mar 5 tedb310 commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Spielberg's West Side Story.
The Phlegmatics will be my next band name.
Feb 26 tedb310 commented on I'm Still a Card-Carrying Republican, Apparently.
"I caucused myself for Rick Santorum" sounds so dirty.
Feb 19 tedb310 commented on Will You Boycott Fast Food Tomorrow?.
I get fast food about three times a year, so my not buying fast tomorrow isn't really that big of a statement.
Feb 17 tedb310 commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
"Gratification of lust", will be the name of my next band.
Feb 11 tedb310 commented on This Is the Best Video Ever Made About Going Jogging in the Snow.
@6 you hit it on the head. I've used these, they work great.
Feb 8 tedb310 commented on Gloria: Frank Sex and Amazing Acting.
Chile is a little like the US, even there a "mature" woman can't look as old as a "mature" man. The male lead in the trailer looks 20+ years older than Gloria.


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