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Jun 24 tedb310 commented on Morning News: Mariners to Join Seattle Pride for the First Time, Washington Senators Vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
The headline reads funny to me considering the Washington Senators are a baseball team in the National League and the phase is used in the same headline as Mariners. I didn't know NL teams got to vote on TPP.
Jun 12 tedb310 commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Cyclist Gives Road Etiquette Lesson to Driver, Gets Raged on In Return.
One other thing I forgot to mention, Police Reports Illustrated has become my favorite thing on the Slog.
Jun 12 tedb310 commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Cyclist Gives Road Etiquette Lesson to Driver, Gets Raged on In Return.
I have a couple of thoughts regarding this incident. First, just for the record I am both a cyclist and a driver, so all sides can hate me. When you are in a car and you are trying to turn right you have to look about 270 degrees all at once, including into the largest blind spot in any car/truck, the right rear quarter. It's easy not to see a bicycle especially if you've slowed down and he or she is passing you on the right. Also about me, I'm old and I remember the whole PSA campaign in the 60's & early 70's to be defensive drivers and to "look out for the other guy". I don't know whatever happened to that notion. Whatever your thoughts are about the moral right of bicycles vs. cars and who get the street, there is just no way to get around the fact it is way easier for a cyclist to see/hear a car than it is for a driver to see the cyclist. When I'm on my bike there are three things I watch for, cars blowing through uncontrolled intersections, doors flying open and cars turning right. A couple of other points, I sometimes don't wear a helmet and I think everyone should ride like they're not wearing one. Lastly, I would never come up to the window of a car to lecture a driver, way too many nuts in this world.
May 11 tedb310 commented on City Council Asks Port to Reconsider Shell Deal. PLUS: Guess Which Port Commissioner Isn't Running for Reelection?.
To further expand @1 comments. The oil rig in the photo isn't at T5, it's at the Vigor shipyard on Harbor Island. In fact T5 isn't even in this picture, it is to the left off camera.
Apr 21 tedb310 commented on There Is a Newly Discovered Frog in Costa Rica with Skin Like See-Through Glass.
And I love that he's flipping us off with both back feet!
Apr 21 tedb310 commented on Seattle's Bike Share Program Is Doing "Pretty Well" Six Months After Launch.
Eliminating King County's helmet law would help. The idea of a shared helmet has a bit too much of a "yuk" factor. Besides, I always ride like I don't helmet on even when I do.
Jan 27 tedb310 commented on Licata Staffer Lisa Herbold Considering Council Run.
I would tend to agree with @1. I can understand her reluctance to take on an incumbent, but her interests seem more suited for an at large seat.
Jan 23 tedb310 commented on OMG One-Thousand-Foot Water Slide Coming to Seattle in July! I Hope!.
Put it on the counterbalance.
Aug 12, 2014 tedb310 commented on Bernie Sanders Should Challenge Hillary Clinton for the Dem Nom.
If Bernie Sanders wants to challenge Hillary Clinton the first thing he will need to do is get in his time machine and go back 20-30 years and change his party affiliation from Independent to Democrat. Democratic party loyalist will not take too kindly to him coming in from the "outside" to go after the nomination, even if they do like a lot of his policies.
Aug 11, 2014 tedb310 commented on Gimme Your Fucking... Summit Block Party Fashion!.
The dog with the bandanna was the best fashion accessory pictured.


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