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Leishalynn is preparing a final report.
Aug 25 Leishalynn commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
lol, o.c.
Aug 20 Leishalynn commented on Women Are Punished for Asking for Flex Time to Raise Families; Men Are Rewarded.
When my friend Julie got pregnant, she was fired and her husband got a raise.
Aug 15 Leishalynn commented on Ferguson Police Finally Identify Officer Who Shot Mike Brown.
@15, you're right. It's okay to murder someone if they steal a cigar (if they're African-American).
Aug 15 Leishalynn commented on Ferguson Police Finally Identify Officer Who Shot Mike Brown.
I want to see a photo of Wilson but can't find it. Who's got it?
Aug 12 Leishalynn commented on The Little Novel That Stephen Colbert Made Into a Big Deal.
I agree with @ 1, it was a quick & easy read, but clearly a first novel with two-dimensional characters and no one in that landscape of liars and secret-keepers to relate to, absolutely no one, it seemed, who was asking the obvious questions like, "Isn't this apocalypse an opportunity to make the world better instead of worse?"
Jul 29 Leishalynn commented on Hillary Clinton: George W. Bush Is My Hero.
I'll vote Liz over Hillary, but prefer them on the same presidential ticket!
Jul 22 Leishalynn commented on Idaho Casino Cancels Performance from Racist Piece of Shit Ted Nugent.
He can't even play in IDAHO!
Jul 2 Leishalynn commented on Suburbs Are Not Cities.
My suburb is eminently walkable and bikeable, with shops, restaurants, groceries, pubs, churches, fitness clubs, a golf course, and many other destinations & amenities all around. Of course, I live in a small city and downtown is a 20-minute bike ride away.
Jul 2 Leishalynn commented on If the Universe Is a Mystery Novel, We're All the Victim.
Excellent title for this post!

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