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  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: Head
  • What helps you sleep?: Sex
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: It's A Small World After All
  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes
  • What book have you read the most?: Neuromancer trilogy

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Leishalynn is preparing a final report.
Jul 2 Leishalynn commented on Suburbs Are Not Cities.
My suburb is eminently walkable and bikeable, with shops, restaurants, groceries, pubs, churches, fitness clubs, a golf course, and many other destinations & amenities all around. Of course, I live in a small city and downtown is a 20-minute bike ride away.
Jul 2 Leishalynn commented on If the Universe Is a Mystery Novel, We're All the Victim.
Excellent title for this post!
Jun 27 Leishalynn commented on Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man A Heavy Drinker.
Years ago the AMA said four drinks a week = alcoholism, so "Hi, my name is Leisha."
Jun 17 Leishalynn commented on YouTube to Block Videos By Musicians Who Don't Want to Be a Part of Its Streaming Service.
When MTV was new and played music videos, we used to turn it on during our parties -- eat, drink, get high, dance, talk over it, every once in a while, "Look at that one! Have you seen that one?" It was a great. Why not stream YouTube music videos on your TV, put together playlists for special occasions? Not everything has to be viewed on a tiny screen, in private. That said, YouTube's censorship will be great for their competitors.
Jun 9 Leishalynn commented on The Walmart Man Who Would Be Alive Today If He Didn't Have a Concealed Weapon.
She was the weak, he was the tyranny of evil men and the hero? He was trying, Ringo, trying real hard to be the shepherd.
Jun 9 Leishalynn commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
"If you have any questions about public displays of affection, ask your minister."
Jun 3 Leishalynn commented on The Man Who Helped the Rolling Stones Avoid Paying Millions in Taxes Is Dead.
May he rest in peace. Can't say I'm happy the very wealthy aren't paying their share of taxes, however.
May 20 Leishalynn commented on The Most Fundamental Truth About Sex.
I answered all my kids' questions in an age-appropriate way when they asked them. I never disrespected them with, "You'll understand when you're older," or "You're too young for that." Those questions always come too soon for parents, but when they ask, they deserve honest answers.

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