"I yam what I yam." - Popeye

Aug 25 geoz commented on A Feel Bad Story in Disguise: Two Florida Hospitals Won't Bill Orlando Pulse Shooting Victims.
I agree Dan. We can't lose site of the bigger picture of inequity. Another example is from the Mylan epipen price gouging. The company now says it will address the pricing. But only for this one drug. So many other drugs (like insulin) continue to be huge profit centers. It just isn't right.
Jul 25 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Not Another DTMFA?!? Yes! Another DTMFA!.
My life is hard sometimes. I have my issues. But man... life is hard for this person. Yes... get out and good luck with the new life. It will be worse for a while, but it will be better.
Jul 21 geoz commented on NBA Moves All-Star Game Out of North Carolina.
It's good. I like the drip drip of more business moving away.
Jul 19 geoz commented on Will You Stop Being Mean to Log Cabin Republicans? (Spoiler: No, I Will Not.).
There may be good reasons to support the GOP, but thinking they will change from the inside isn't one of them.
May 26 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Help Me Out, Sloggers.
Take one class in something you like to do or want to do: pottery, archer, volleyball, join a book club. Going to bars is over-rated for meeting someone. You can hook up for sure, but meeting someone takes something more than a bar in common.
May 23 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Two Birds, One Stone.
you want to screw other guys because you now realize you are hot? How about shallow? have you realized that yet? There's nothing wrong with wanting someone else, but if it is because you now know you are hot... well... that's a really bad reason.
May 19 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Good Threesome, Spoiled.
One known comment in an year and a half? Keep avoiding the drama. Stay silent and let this fade. The couple talking says more about them than the unicorn.
May 17 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She's Tired of Tickling the Boyfriend's Balls.
Three months in? I think I'd have to give that relationship a pass. But if it seems worth it, Dan is the man with the plan.
May 13 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: I've Looked At Accidental Anal From Both Sides Now.
Great discussion of accidental anal. Now... let's put the laws to a test. How many of these men (or more likely women given how we make laws work these days) really need to do some prison time for these sexual transgressions?! ;)
Apr 28 geoz commented on Savage Love.
ok. Ok. I'll have a look at the deprogramming stuff. It seems a lost cause with my family, but maybe there are some out there who will hear this message. I don't even need them to be liberal, just intellectually honest. I hate this stuff in my fam.