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May 7 geoz commented on SL Letter of the Day: Destructive Criticism.
So.. I find myself for the second time, to be in a different place than Dan on this. Dan seems to be making a big ass assumption about how the information was shared, and then gives advice that amounts to revenge. No thanks Mr. Columnist. Save the revenge for enemies, not your partner. How about, instead, a little constructive advice that includes what she could do differently... as asked. I agree that BJs in a longterm straight relationship do diminish in frequency, but as she is working to keep that spark alive... then give her the goods.
Apr 30 geoz commented on Savage Love.
I have to disagree with my FID (friends in Dan) who give COCK a pass. They clearly violated the campsite rule. The kid is freaking out. Just because it is coming out ritual doesn't mean it is right. Knowing it is someone's first time, and knowing that it is possible to freak out only increases the obligation. Just because it is hot does not give a free pass in the high school hallway. In fact that is the reason the campsite rule has to be invoked ever: "but I thought she was hot so I did it anyway" just doesn't pass muster.
Apr 23 geoz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Medievalist Schools Dan on Medieval Attitudes Toward Sex.
So ... I clearly need more medievalists in my life. Hell... I just need them to help me spell the word.
Feb 19 geoz commented on SL Letter of the Day: Eat and Run.
Re think that #1. That's bad advice.
Feb 4 geoz commented on Savage Love.
The third one should also just ask the doctor of course.
Feb 3 geoz commented on SL Letter of the Day: As One Is Wont to Do.
aww come on. Let the guys determine their own sense of disdain at the question. We don't have to throw third person shame on the straight guy for asking the question. We weren't there... we don't know their relationship. And maybe .... must maybe ... asking a question is what happens right before learning.
Dec 21, 2014 geoz commented on SL Letter of the Day: Your Sister's Keeper.
I have to refute my fellow commenters who would provide some bogus explanation ("I have a friend....", "I got some blood work done and..." etc). Those attempts reek of Lucy Ricardo's zany antics, not an actual relationship with a person you love. Dan's advice... the truth... will always work the best, and has the added bonus of actually accomplishing the goal: You can find out what the sister has or doesn't have.
Dec 2, 2014 geoz commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Care Package.
If only men could get pregnant. Then, they might understand.
So that's how it is? That's the factor?
If only women couldn't get pregnant then they might understand.... is equally antagonistic and unnecessary. Share your wisdom or don't, but please don't taunt.
Dec 2, 2014 geoz commented on UK Bans Production of Porn Featuring Female Ejaculation.
so my British dude strangulation kink is just ... what... gone?
Nov 21, 2014 geoz commented on This Will Cheer Up Depressed Democrats: "No Republican Candidate Has a Credible Shot at the White House in 2016".
I'd love to believe in random GOP blogger. I mean his credibility is so well established because of the... well he... Oh yeah: he has no credibility. I'll go back to my scotch now.

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