May 1, 2013 SolM commented on For Right-Wing Nuts, Cruz Is the new Rubio.
"'d think Cruz was the second coming of Santorum."

What a mess.
Apr 2, 2013 SolM commented on The Land of the Free.
@5 That's actually from the Simpsons.
Apr 1, 2013 SolM commented on The Slog Netflix Streaming Club: Freaks & Geeks, "Kim Kelly Is My Friend".
@16: David, I have mixed feelings about Millie being the product of good parenting. Yes and no. Obviously when compared to Kim's abusive parents, Nick's terrifying father, and Daniel's emotionally absent parents. And certainly Millie's parents are more along the lines of the Weirs, Bill's mother, and Neal's mother (and his father to a lesser extent). But there was also the episode where Millie goes bad after her dog died, and we get a glimpse of Millie's relationship with her mother, and there are very dark undertones. Which of course adds to the brilliance of the show. Everything is there, but you have to pick it up.

I'm with you. Kim Kelly is my Friend is one of my favorite episodes of television, and that was the episode where I changed from being a fan of the show to a passionate devotee. Especially her line to Lindsay: "My parents hate me, I don't have any friends. You're like my only friend, Lindsay. You're a total loser. No offense."
Mar 27, 2013 SolM commented on Next Up in the Slog Netflix Streaming Club: Freaks & Geeks, "Kim Kelly Is My Friend".
"Kim Kelly is My Friend" is the episode that completely and totally won me over. It also changed my perception of Kim from an irritating character whom I did not like to one of my two favorite characters of the show. (Bill being the other).
Mar 21, 2013 SolM commented on Young, Conservative, and Opposed to Gay Marriage.
This is the GOP in a nutshell. Despite the fact that the message has been heard and understood over and over again, they believe it's just the way they've been saying it rather than what they've been saying. Unbelievable.

And their analogy is wrong. It's not abortion, which was always contentious. It's like interracial marriage, in which one side gained ground and kept gaining.
Feb 16, 2013 SolM commented on This Is What Parental Rejection Does to Gay Kids.
Austin, you have friends here. Never forget that.
Feb 5, 2013 SolM commented on The Remains of the King, Part Two: So That WAS Richard III Hidden Under That Parking Lot.
I am a little unclear about how they did the DNA testing, and if it is the way I think it is, then this identification of Richard III is a bit premature. My understanding is that they used the mitochondrial DNA of his sister's descendants. The problem with that is mitochondrial DNA (passed only through the mother) does not mutate the way that Y chromosome DNA (passed only through the father) does. Which means that you can only use mitochondrial DNA to disprove a relationship not to prove it.
Feb 4, 2013 SolM commented on Karen Carpenter.
No disagreement. She was wonderful.
Dec 19, 2012 SolM commented on Zadie Smith on the Difference Between Pleasure and Joy.
She's been quite prolific as of late now that NW has been published. She had a New Yorker piece last week about her reflections of Joni Mitchell.
Dec 5, 2012 SolM commented on Merry Creepy Christmas, from John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John.
Besides Paul McCartney ruined Christmas forever in 1979 with his sonic vomit of a song.