Aug 4, 2014 sarah70 commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Fight for Affordable Housing on Many Fronts.
@5, Spear is not making "headway" and politicians place campaign articles in media every campaign cycle.

Chopp has power, and he uses it for the good of his constituents (and in his case, he considers his prime constituents to be people who can't make it anymore in this rich society). That's the most you can expect of a politician, and he delivers. The comments said about him by people who have no idea what a hard fight it was and is to advocate and legislate for low- and middle-income people in this increasingly wealthy area are small-minded and short-sighted. If you vote for a socialist SIMPLY BECAUSE she's a socialist (and she has no other experience), then do so, but it would be a stupid and damaging move.
Aug 3, 2014 sarah70 commented on The Best of Slog: It Was a Week of Primary Drama, Blue Angels, and Mark Driscoll's "Pussified Nation".
I occasionally see comments pulled for trolling. Just what is @2 except trolling?
Aug 3, 2014 sarah70 commented on Saturday Morning News: Intolerable Violence.
Oh gezuz, @54. Gaza is not resisting; Hamas has been attacking Israel since Israel left Gaza, years ago.

But it's useless. No one in this country under the age of 50 has anyhistorical knowledge of the Israel/Arab situation, and considers the Arabs (which is what the "Palestinians" are) to be the new saints -- despite the fact that every goddamn Middle Eastern country is ruled by kings or dictators. The only reason Israeli children are not being killed by the missiles being sent from Hamas is that the Israelis have invested in defense. Since Hamas hasn't, you'd think that if they cared about their population, they wouldn't attack Israel. But evidently they don't care. What they care about is destroying Israel.

You're all idiots, and you're being (apparently willingly) used.
Aug 3, 2014 sarah70 commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@15, I hope that if the Ebola sufferers who come back to America recover, they are kept in isolation for another 3 weeks because the virus is live for at least that period of time.
Aug 3, 2014 sarah70 commented on Saturday Morning News: Intolerable Violence.
@43, ear gages?

@41, when Israel enters Gaza, it's by above-ground. It doesn't build tunnels. What Israel's built has been the Iron Dome and bomb shelters, which is why the death toll of Hamas's rocket fire into Israel hasn't been bad. If Hamas had built bomb shelters instead of tunnels to Egypt and Israel, or allowed the population they control to get into those tunnels (which they haven't), there would have been less deaths in Gaza, since Israel has been warning Gaza residents before bombing. But Hamas didn't do so, knowing very well that civilian deaths would get them good press. Every time you see a photo of Gaza residents in rubble, Hamas has succeeded. That political organization simply doesn't care about its people -- they've used internationally-donated funds to buy armaments instead of food and housing -- and that's disgusting.
Aug 2, 2014 sarah70 commented on Saturday Morning News: Intolerable Violence.
That's no bomb. And photos of the tunnels, lined in concrete, leading into Israel, have appeared in the NYT. CNN, which is not notably a pro-Israel news source, reported that one tunnel's entrance was under the prayer section of a Gaza mosque.

Amos Oz, an Israeli author who is definitely not a warhawk, compared Hama's position as that of a man sitting down firing a rifle at his enemy, wh while a baby is on his lap. Maybe you can figure out that analogy; maybe you can't or don't want to.
Aug 2, 2014 sarah70 commented on The Morning News: More Jobs for America, Gaza Truce Dead in 2 hours, Uganda Voids Dumb Anti-Gay Law.
@24, Sharon was the Israeli prime minister who pulled out of Gaza completely, including all the Israelis who'd been living there. There was relative peace after that. But when Hamas took over Gaza, it began shooting rockets into Israel, and continued for years until Israel instituted the blockade. Hamas jabs; Israel responds.
Aug 2, 2014 sarah70 commented on Guest Editorial: Citizen Oversight Won't Suffer at All If We Vote for a Seattle Parks District.
@23, you omitted a community forum in Lake City where City employees simply derided the No reps and did not answer sincere questions from the audience about whether there would be any possible community input after this was voted in. All they said was there would be an "advisory committee", and they appeared amazed that some of us in the audience knew the difference between "advisory" and a committee that actually had decision-making power. They basically turned many in the audience against the proposition by their patronizing.
Aug 2, 2014 sarah70 commented on Police Union Prez on Officer Who Wrote 80 Percent of Pot Tickets: "He’s just that proactive.".
This sounds to me like a deliberate attempt to somehow shame/piss off/make fun of/other 2-year-old tricks directed at Pete Holmes. SPD is full of 2-year-olds with guns and attitudes.
Aug 2, 2014 sarah70 commented on Former Colleague Charges Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll with Plagiarism.
Who cares? @6 is right.