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Oct 5 ScienceNerd commented on Why Are You Worried About Creepy Clowns When There's a Dinosaur on the Loose in Seattle!?.
I'm hoping you are for whatever pretending to be clueless. It's a costume...…
Sep 30 ScienceNerd commented on Let's Catch Up With the Woodland Park Zoo's Baby Flamingo.
Look at his little wings!!!!
Aug 9 ScienceNerd commented on Morning News: Seattle Takes on Secure Scheduling for Hourly Workers, Trump's Seattle "Co-Hosts" Reject Event.
When I was a college student, Michigan State University was in full rioting swing. Lots of burning things and over turning cars. There was a discussion of "rolling last-calls", meaning certain bars would close earlier than others and certain bars would close later than others. I thought this plan would be a great idea. Instead, the city decided to use tear gas to drive people out of the bar areas as soon as the bars closed. It was effective to say the least.
May 10 ScienceNerd commented on Washington Won't Discriminate.
1515 is 1337 speak for Isis. Just putting that out there.
May 5 ScienceNerd commented on Science News: UW Scientists See Earth's Color as Key to Findng Life on Other Planets, Crows Come to Bothell.
I watched crows pick off the baby ducks in UW's Drumheller Fountain. It was very upsetting.
Jan 11 ScienceNerd commented on Beyond Labyrinth: David Bowie on Film.
I grew up watching The Labyrinth almost once a day. David Bowie has always been The Goblin King for me. :)
Dec 24, 2015 ScienceNerd commented on New Column!.
@9, my thought exactly.

In other news, my dad's saint name is Thomas because he asked too many questions as a boy about church.
Dec 11, 2015 ScienceNerd commented on Windy City Pie Adds a Terrific Twist to Chicago-Style Pizza.
We order his pizza ALL THE TIME, so much so that we have a system. Even as a Michigander growing up on deep dish only, this is some of the best pizza I've ever had.