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Dec 1 SeattleKim commented on Seattle's "Justice for Mike Brown" Movement Wants Equality Under the Law—Not Anarchy or Revolutionary Communism.
I am in 100% agreement that we need systemic changes to how we train the police, and how the police operate. But I don't think using the tree lighting event as a stage for protest was a very good idea. Scaring children is a poor way to try and get their parents to support your cause, even if it is just.

I think the protesters would have made more of an impact if they had sent a message stating that they were choosing not to protest at the event in deference to the safety of children and families.

And the cause will not move forward if violence and property damage keep happening.
Nov 19 SeattleKim commented on Marriage Equality Comes to Kansas, South Carolina, Montana.
Now we just need the Pope to get the message.
Nov 3 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Butt Plug Blooms in Pennsylvania, Readers Respond to Jonathan, Jonathan Responds to Readers.
Interesting. I still have some questions though, Jonathon. If masturbation is not a problem, then why the issue with butt plugs? Clearly, POPS son was doing just that. Masturbating with an impromptu butt plug. Wouldn't it be better for the kid to get a safe actual butt plug rather than continue to use something like his toothbrush handle, which could perforate his colon? You say you have raised your kids in an honorable way. So where is the dishonor in using a butt plug?

The reason most of SLOG jumped all over you is because your attitude was so prudish and self-righteous. What would happen if you actually did find out that your son enjoys prostate massage during masturbation? I think it is far more common than you believe. Just curious.
Nov 3 SeattleKim commented on The Saddest Video Ever Made About Sewer Clogs.
I get that tampon applicators should never be flushed, but do they mean used tampons as well? Sorry folks, but I am going to continue to flush my used tampons.
Oct 31 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Welcoming a New Reader to the "Savage Love" Family.
I hope Jonathan's kids are very careful/good at hiding their private stuff. Poor kids. However, it sounds like Jonathan already has a big long stick up his butt to begin with. There probably isn't room for anything else.
Oct 31 SeattleKim commented on Moderate Drinking Boosts the Immune System.
What this really proves is that humans are a bad influence on Macaques.
Oct 25 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Clitoral Indirection.
Most 18 YO guys come really fast so it's hard to back them off long enough for the girl to relax. Maybe just work him over first, til he comes then she can relax and enjoy just touching and oral. My first orgasm came when I was on top, after he had come, and I was just grinding gently. What a surprise!
Oct 1 SeattleKim commented on Facing Angry Drag Queens, Facebook Officially Backs Down.
Very awesome news. Thanks to every one of you beautiful drag queens who stood up for all of our rights, and helped keep our more vulnerable people safer. You ROCK!
Sep 22 SeattleKim commented on NYT Reports On Woman Sent to Jail for Helping Daughter Get an Abortion.
It is too bad we don't live in a country that supports the separation of church and state.

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