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Jul 17 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: 3 Minutes Per Month.
LW, I am in a very similar situation. The only difference is that my husband gave me permission to find sexual satisfaction outside of our marriage. It has made a big difference. We love each other very much, but he has problems showing physical intimacy. I think it just makes him feel too vulnerable.

You are not going to be able to fix this because your husband doesn't want to fix it. You need to be honest and tell your husband that you are opening your marriage. He can either work with that or you two can separate. It is better to leave than stay and endure what you are going through. Good luck.
Jul 14 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: By Special Guest Dr. David Ley.
Helpful hint for those of us not in the know. Always explain the fetish so we know what the fuck you are talking about.
Jul 14 SeattleKim commented on Help a Visitor Out, Slog.
Walk or bike along Broadway in Capitol Hill, along 45th in Wallingford (eat at Dick's) and find Queen Anne Hill. Play in the fountain at the Seattle Center.
Jul 10 SeattleKim commented on Claiborne Richardson and the Manassas City Police Department Have Suddently Have Second Thoughts About Making Child Porn.
Flying monkeys can be very effective. It would be fun to see a video of them answering phone calls for a while. Or watching their e-mail in box explode. I'm entertained by the mere thought of it.
Jul 9 SeattleKim commented on Claiborne Richardson Wants Pictures of a Kid's Cock.
Personally I hope his office gets flooded with e-mails and phone calls. Is it a good idea for kids to send sexual pics of themselves? No. But it is mostly harmless, unless some stupid zealot gets called by a hysterical mother who finds out that her innocent baby daughter just saw her boyfriend's wood.
Jul 7 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Call the Open Question.
If you settle now, you will regret it for the rest of your life. This is the time in your life when you are supposed to find out who and what makes you happy and fulfilled. If you can open things up with your girlfriend, then great. If not, it is better to let her go now, so you can explore with a clear conscience, than break promises later that you can't keep. Be kind, but be honest with her. Good luck.
Jul 1 SeattleKim commented on Rachel Lark's "Warm, Bloody, and Tender".
Dan, you should invite Rachel to be your musical guest at your next Valentine's Day Savage Love Live. That would be awesome.
Jul 1 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Glorious Chorus.
GTB, Congrats on your wedding, and yes, patience for your new in-laws. As long as you and your new hubby put your relationship first, and as long as you work to stay in tune with each other, it is all good. Let the in-laws bitch all they want. They will either come around or not, but that is their choice.

RR, Film yourself. Time it. Whatever. Do you need Dan to teach you everything? I'm assuming you have a brain, so now you just gotta figure out how to use it. Good luck.
Jul 1 SeattleKim commented on Another State Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Struck Down.
I love that I can't keep the numbers straight in my head anymore, and I have to write them down or look them up to remember them all.

I'm hoping that if enough circuit courts uphold marriage equality, that SCOTUS will just lump them all in together and rule on everything once and for all. Nationwide marriage equality comes to the entire country June 2015, just in time for the next Pride Season. That is what I want to see.
Jun 11 SeattleKim commented on Shit Is Going Down In Iraq.
It is all only going to get worse anyway. No matter what we do. As climate change worsens, it will put more pressure on all the governments worldwide. The poorer countries will suffer the most, which will cause anger, which will cause more war. Between the increasingly inhospitable climate and our own worldwide self destruction, I predict that the earth will lose roughly half of its population in the next 200 years or so. Eventually, we will shift into an ice age, and another half of the population will die. By the time things stabilize, we will be down to about 1 billion people worldwide. If we don't destroy ourselves in the meantime.

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