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Aug 18 SeattleKim commented on Former SPD Interim Chief Hired as King County Sheriff's No. 2.
First off, nice to see you back here. We've missed you. Come back often.

Second, there are a few more recently "retired" officers from SPD who need to be hired too. SPD lost some very good people in that cluster fuck that was Bailey's interim.
Aug 13 SeattleKim commented on "The Most Transphobic Article Ever Written".
@17, Genital surgery is a very individual choice. Some do, some don't. But their decision is theirs alone. But I have not yet met anyone who took that decision lightly. However, it is far more than "plastic surgery". If you were trans, you would have every right to decide not to get surgery. But to denigrate everyone else who chooses differently is insulting.

We all have two distinct genders. We have the gender of our bodies, and we have the gender of our brains. For most of us (cis people) those genders are on the same side of the divide. Some of us are more gender non-conforming than others, but we feel that our bodies and brains match genders. For some people, (trans) the two genders don't match. For some others (inter-sex) the gender of their bodies is not clear. No matter what though, it is the gender of the brain that is all that matters. Who you are is who you are. And we all simply need to take that person's word for it. Period. How they choose to deal with their bodies is their own business.
Aug 13 SeattleKim commented on "The Most Transphobic Article Ever Written".
seandr, you have a right to your opinions, but you also get to live with the results of airing your opinion. How many trans people do you actually know? Did any of them tell you they are not happy with their surgical results? I'm cis, but I have many trans friends, and I have yet to hear any of them tell me they regret whatever surgeries they had gotten.

Bottom line. Everyone has the right to decide how they want their own body to be treated. If having breasts removed or added makes a person feel better about themself, they have every right to do that. It does not impact anyone else's life, so the rest of us need to just STFU about it. This is not about changing biology. It is about presenting your authentic self to the world.
Aug 1 SeattleKim commented on It Could Happen to You: King County's Plague of Excessively Sticky Election Envelopes.
I agree. Worst tasting envelope EVER. Whoever came up with that paste should be made to eat some of it every day. Forever. YUCK.
Jul 17 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: 3 Minutes Per Month.
LW, I am in a very similar situation. The only difference is that my husband gave me permission to find sexual satisfaction outside of our marriage. It has made a big difference. We love each other very much, but he has problems showing physical intimacy. I think it just makes him feel too vulnerable.

You are not going to be able to fix this because your husband doesn't want to fix it. You need to be honest and tell your husband that you are opening your marriage. He can either work with that or you two can separate. It is better to leave than stay and endure what you are going through. Good luck.
Jul 14 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: By Special Guest Dr. David Ley.
Helpful hint for those of us not in the know. Always explain the fetish so we know what the fuck you are talking about.
Jul 14 SeattleKim commented on Help a Visitor Out, Slog.
Walk or bike along Broadway in Capitol Hill, along 45th in Wallingford (eat at Dick's) and find Queen Anne Hill. Play in the fountain at the Seattle Center.
Jul 10 SeattleKim commented on Claiborne Richardson and the Manassas City Police Department Have Suddently Have Second Thoughts About Making Child Porn.
Flying monkeys can be very effective. It would be fun to see a video of them answering phone calls for a while. Or watching their e-mail in box explode. I'm entertained by the mere thought of it.
Jul 9 SeattleKim commented on Claiborne Richardson Wants Pictures of a Kid's Cock.
Personally I hope his office gets flooded with e-mails and phone calls. Is it a good idea for kids to send sexual pics of themselves? No. But it is mostly harmless, unless some stupid zealot gets called by a hysterical mother who finds out that her innocent baby daughter just saw her boyfriend's wood.
Jul 7 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Call the Open Question.
If you settle now, you will regret it for the rest of your life. This is the time in your life when you are supposed to find out who and what makes you happy and fulfilled. If you can open things up with your girlfriend, then great. If not, it is better to let her go now, so you can explore with a clear conscience, than break promises later that you can't keep. Be kind, but be honest with her. Good luck.

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