May 13, 2014 redemma commented on What the Neofolk? Death in June Live in May at Studio Seven.
@4 That's not what my Facebook feed said the other week.
May 13, 2014 redemma commented on What the Neofolk? Death in June Live in May at Studio Seven.
(for the record I'm going)
May 13, 2014 redemma commented on What the Neofolk? Death in June Live in May at Studio Seven.
Queue the inevitable Death in June-related Internet shitstorm in 3...2...1...
Mar 3, 2014 redemma commented on Crimea Looks Like the Sudetenland All Over Again.
From what I've read (some interview with Ukrainian activists I read a couple weeks ago, can't find it now), the Orange Revolution featured a lot of homogenous crowds wearing the same things and saying the same things; it was a very stage-managed affair. The Euromaiden, by contrast, is much more chaotic and heterogenous, including everyone from fascists to feminists. Some of those people could be receiving CIA support or whatever but hardly all of them.
Feb 12, 2014 redemma commented on Woody Allen on Trial.
There's some inconsistencies on both sides, but I think most of the evidence indicates that Dylan Farrow is telling the truth. It isn't a he-said-she-said thing, she has witnesses that corroborate some of her statements while Woody Allen's been changing his story about what happened that day over the years.

And while I can believe that maybe someone would make something like this up as part of a heated custody battle, I have a harder time believing that they'd keep trying to bring it up 20 years later if that was the case.

Also, Jesus, just watch Woody Allen's films and his pedophilia sometimes just oozes off the celluloid, as David Schmader said.
Jan 5, 2014 redemma commented on Ani DiFranco Offers A Second Apology.
@18: The difference is that it's not a historic site that cultivates an understanding of the tragedy of slavery (the way most sites of atrocities go), but a historic site that whitewashes slavery and romanticizes the lives of slaveowners.
Dec 17, 2013 redemma commented on What Do You Think of the Sandman Movie Adaptation?.
Yeah, I've been recollecting the comics (sold them once to pay the rent) and they're just as good as I remember.

But this is a bad idea. I think one of the other problems is that the best comic-book movies aren't based on specific comic storylines but just the characters in general. Creating original stories about well-known characters works because they complement the comics instead of replacing them, but when comic book movies try to retell a specific story (like pretty much any Alan Moore adaptation) they're terrible. I'm guessing Sandman will be the latter.
Dec 12, 2013 redemma commented on Jason Segal Is David Foster Wallace.
I haven't read Although Of Course, but it could be any worse that DFW's writing on its own?
Nov 24, 2013 redemma commented on Art and Controversy.
I think the thing about whether artists who have objectionable views or have done objectionable things comes down to two things:

1) Is this clear in their work? It seems it is, with Orson Scott Card. I've only read Ender's Game (where his homophobia is not present), but apparently it's glaring in a lot of his other books. That's generally repulsive enough on its own for me to not *want* to read them. Or Jack Kerouac talking unreflectively about being a rapist in his books. Gross shit.

2) If it's not, do you want to support them financially? Roman Polanski is a total scumbag. His movies are amazing, though, good enough for me to forget who made them for an hour and a half to two hours. But he's still alive, and I don't like giving child rapists money. But you can buy his movies on DVD used, or check them out from the library, and that's totally worth it. I'll probably buy a lot of them on DVD once he kicks the bucket.

If their repulsive views/actions aren't present in their work and they're dead, then that does sound like some Soviet Russia stuff, yeah.

Haven't followed the Blue controversy so no comment on that.
Sep 18, 2013 redemma commented on Everyone Is Telling Me to Eat Chia Seeds.
Chia seeds in lemonade ARE delicious. I second that.

But then again, if you're not in Mexico or Central America and people aren't automatically putting them into your lemonade, you don't necessarily need to go out of your way to find chia seeds, either.