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Jan 11 Gamebird commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Germaphobe Couldn't Be Into Piss, Right?.
If he is a germaphobe, then it just heightens the intensity of the disrespect he intended by directing others to urinate on that particular bed.
Jan 5 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
I'm not looking for anything all that exotic - vanilla, penis in vagina sex with a man 20-30 years old who is not overweight, doesn't smoke, and whom I can accept or reject without regard to their feelings. (ie, I don't have to protect myself from a potential stalker, rapist, social censure, or random bad-mouthing because I turned them down.) One whom I can dictate condom use without having them complain that they can't get it up or keep it up. One who is capable of orgasm.

In the half dozen or so partners I've had in my life, I've never had the pleasure of having one like that. The live-in boyfriend I have now, and who is more than happy to be sexually available at any time, is 40 pounds overweight. I want, at some point in my life, to have sex with a man I can hug and wrap myself around, someone who doesn't outweigh me by half again or a third. Said boyfriend is fine with the open relationship we have, though having him in my bed has considerably slowed me down on pursuing the dream of, at some point, bedding someone closer to the physical ideal.

If I can afford it, it isn't going to create problems for me, and it's available, then I want to try it.
Jan 5 Gamebird commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Marathon Man & Woman.
I strongly doubt they'll be having marathon sex for five days. A lot of sexual hijinks sound like the coolest thing ever when fantasizing, less intriguing when actually doing it (especially when doing it for the fourth or fifth time).
Jan 5 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
Great! Thanks!
Jan 4 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
@PattyH, 32 - yes, that's the article I read. But it doesn't give me any information about which social media sites currently support escorts. I am wary of contacting non-professionals due to the weeding out process I think I'd have to do with non-professionals. My attempt at getting sex on Fetlife by openly advertising for it netted me thirteen respondents, not a single one of which was willing to meet in a public place. So I figured the next step was to find a professional and pay them, but I've been stymied with not knowing where to find such an individual.
Jan 4 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
@EmmaLiz, 26: About a week to be certain I was feeling effects beyond placebo. With the estrogen, I felt like crap the very first day, the first full day after the first pill, to the point that I thought at first I had coincidentally come down with a flu or similar that would explain the nausea, fatigue, bloat, and lethargy. All the testosterone gave me was the feeling I normally had on a really good day. But then I had that feeling every day, day after day with only slight variation, for as long as I've taken it. It's like instead of having some days where I'm dragging at 10% and others where I'm at the top of my game with 90%, suddenly all my days were 75% or higher.

But, ya know, results may vary, I'm not a doctor, etc. I can only speak to my experience with it.
Jan 4 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
So now that I've read the article Dan cited on, what's a good, safe way for a woman to go about finding a male escort? I guess I could go back to Fetlife, but all I found there was a bunch of weirdos who wanted to sext me but not actually meet for sex.
Jan 4 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
Dosage: 5-10 mg per day, applied topically. Women in Australia go up to 20 mg/day depending on current T level and the effectiveness of lower doses. I've had such success with 5-10 mg that I see no reason to increase.

Male dose is much more dependent on actual/current level, so get a blood test and discuss with a medical professional. If my local city is any indication of the nation, there are tons of clinics out there standing ready to assist men in getting testosterone treatments, purportedly for erectile dysfunction, but there are so many other things it helps with.
Jan 4 Gamebird commented on Savage Love.
Re: testosterone for women.

I am 44, very fit and active. Over the last two years, I'd noticed a substantial decrease in my sex drive. I brought it up to my doctor, who prescribed the usual estrogen (birth control pills) in August. I hadn't been on birth control pills since my early 20s. They were horrific. I lost interest in working out, my running time increased 10%, my weight increased several pounds despite me immediately restricting calorie intake, it was tough to get out of bed in the morning, and I was so moody I nearly broke up with both my gym/martial arts studio and my boyfriend of two years. When my period came around, I had cramps so bad I had to use heating pads at night and I still had to miss a day of work.

Was I horny? Well, twice. Once while I was at work (which was unhelpful) and once several days after a mood swing that just wouldn't quit had led me to not want to be so much as in the same room with my boyfriend. So, also, no help.

I discontinued use and did some research on what else might work. Testosterone. So I asked the doctor about that. She said it wasn't legal to prescribe to women in the US, but she could tell me the dosage I'd need to take. I acquired that from Mexico (where it is sold over the counter as a gel) and began using it in October. OMG. It's the real deal. My moods have evened out, my sex drive has increased, my motivation and enthusiasm for life is up, my focus is better. Working out is a joy. I can lift more than I used to.

The only negative side effects I've noticed is increased acne. It's not awful, but at 44, I'd pretty much waved acne good-bye forever. Now I usually have one or two small zits. I'll happily take that trade-off.

It's been tested and prescribed for women in Australia and some other places. I don't see any reason why it's not an on-label application, except that 'quality of life', especially for women, is such a vague diagnosis. I understand that placebo effect is a big deal, but I went into the estrogen therapy with the full expectation that it would work. It didn't, in several measurable ways (weight, run time, physical performance - even if you discount all the self-reported emotional/soft issues). I went into testosterone therapy with a lot of trepidation, thinking it might be the same as the estrogen. I felt better and more revved up within a week.

I don't think it's a placebo. I think this stuff really works. The older woman might have been prescribed the stuff for bone density or other issues. But I'm sure she's listing it not because she's saying 'my hormones are out of whack' or 'I'm transitioning', but instead that 'Hey, I'm full of life and vigor and want to get laid again for the first time in 20 years!' It's *THAT* much of a game-changer for a woman. Enough of a game-changer that yes, it can redefine your whole approach to life.
Jan 2 Gamebird commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Newly Engageed Woman Debates Confessing Bullshit "Infidelity" Or Keeping Mouth Shut.
This is so trivial I almost wish Dan had advised her to confess everything just so 1) it was off her chest and 2) so if the dude (and family/friends) were such assholes that they'd make a big fuss about this, then she's better off using this as an excuse to break all contact (and engagements) with them.