Mike Ramos
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Jul 14, 2015 Mike Ramos commented on The Top 10 Songs of Summer.
That Jamie xx/Young Thug/Popcaan "Good Times" tho


Should light up his block party set nicely
Oct 17, 2014 Mike Ramos commented on Today's Song of the Day is Do or Die's "Playa Like Me and You".
This sound was so golden. Do or Die/Twista/Johnny P combo was unfuckwithable when it came to the butter-soft R&B pimp-rap ballad genre -- even when "Do You?" came out in '03 it hadn't gone out of style.

And props to Twista for supporting the newer generations of Chicago rap i.e. appearing in that Lil Reese/Chief Keef video for "Traffic" and working with Sicko Mobb.
Aug 27, 2014 Mike Ramos wrote ALBUM REVIEWS in Music