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Jul 14, 2015 Mike Ramos commented on The Top 10 Songs of Summer.
That Jamie xx/Young Thug/Popcaan "Good Times" tho


Should light up his block party set nicely
Oct 17, 2014 Mike Ramos commented on Today's Song of the Day is Do or Die's "Playa Like Me and You".
This sound was so golden. Do or Die/Twista/Johnny P combo was unfuckwithable when it came to the butter-soft R&B pimp-rap ballad genre -- even when "Do You?" came out in '03 it hadn't gone out of style.

And props to Twista for supporting the newer generations of Chicago rap i.e. appearing in that Lil Reese/Chief Keef video for "Traffic" and working with Sicko Mobb.
Feb 19, 2014 Mike Ramos commented on Trap Minimal: ZMoney's "Dope Boy Magic".
ZMoney on Line Out? That's wusup.
Mar 21, 2013 Mike Ramos commented on Shock Value.
@9, 10: Aside from his usage of hella related symbolism (and yes, I know Pearce is gay AND Jewish), he's said in multiple interviews that he "admires" Hitler, the Third Reich, their "influence on the world," etc. I think most of them are in this #rare book: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/76786… But there are some excerpts in a few essays like this: http://libcom.org/library/death-in-june-…

Maybe I should've substituted "alleged" for "known."

Thx for reading :+)
Jan 30, 2013 Mike Ramos commented on Seattle Saves Hiphop, Again.
If "Baby Got Back" was "Seattle's big gift to black America," "Thrift Shop" is Seattle's big gift to white America. Clean, happy, catchy, "relatable."

@1 is dead on, I'd also add Brother Ali.

And the thought that "Thrift Shop" SAVED HIPHOP? GTFOH. There could be plenty of arguments made for the exact opposite.
Jan 2, 2013 Mike Ramos commented on Easy Street Records to Close Queen Anne Store Jan. 18.
This city is fucked, but we already knew that.
Dec 4, 2012 Mike Ramos commented on RIP Das Racist.
"Das Racist is terrible" - a bunch of easily-offended white people

YO THO DONT FORGET ABOUT KOOL A.D.'S V "WAVY" SKREET RAP ALBUM 51 http://mishkanyc.bandcamp.com/album/51
Nov 27, 2012 Mike Ramos commented on Not New Outkast, But It'll Do.
Whoa I read that "BREAK!" in the exact voice/tone after seeing Outkast in the headline