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Aug 25 treefort commented on "What Happens at the Two-Minute Mark of This Video Will Amaze You".
So stop clicking on it. As long as it works they will do it.
Aug 1 treefort commented on It Could Happen to You: King County's Plague of Excessively Sticky Election Envelopes.
It tasted horrible. I'm not surprised the got complaints.
Jul 15 treefort commented on The Tuesday Morning News.
The Disney summary really doesn't represent the article. From the article:

"Two cases, which were for possession of child pornography, occurred on Disney property, according to police reports. None of the cases involved children or teenagers visiting the parks."

Also, these were arrests since 2006, not one sting. But yay sensationalism?
Jun 12 treefort commented on Farmworkers Reach $850k Settlement with Sakuma Brothers Farms Over Unpaid Wages and Breaks.
I feel that the workers at this particular farm were empowered by their involvement with the research work Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies. The same abuses are occurring all across the Skagit and beyond. I really hope this trend continues, and the first up is awareness. Thank you for reporting, Ansel.
Apr 12 treefort commented on Legendary NSFW Jäger Dong on Capitol Hill.
I assumed Jager dong was like wiskey dick, but this is great.
Mar 25 treefort commented on Iowa Republican Threatens to Castrate Hogs in the Senate, or Something.
I can see how this would be super effective on the target demographic. Well played.
Mar 24 treefort commented on News Anchor Tries to Stop Baseless Flight 370 Speculation, Is Treated Like Little Baby-Child.
Yes, his attitude came across as very sexist and infuriating. I'm surprised she can stand working with him.
Mar 19 treefort commented on People Are Upset About Bill Maher's Comments About Noah (and Copernicus).
Also, I adore Bill Maher for telling it like it is. Hilarious.
Mar 19 treefort commented on People Are Upset About Bill Maher's Comments About Noah (and Copernicus).
God created man in his image. It makes total sense actually: God is a petty asshole, and he keeps wiping out humanity because we're a bunch of petty assholes. it's also why we keep killing each other.

Also the entire flood story is modified from the earlier Gilgamesh anyway. As @1 mentioned, the cognitive dissonance is truly amazing.

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