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The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 7, 2017, General Election

It's time to vote in one of the most fucked up years for Seattle politics ever.

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36 Halloween 2017 Parties in Seattle to Buy Tickets for Now

FreakNight, Seduction, Fremonster Spectacular, And More Big Events

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The Stranger's Guide to Seattle's Happiest Happy Hours »

The Gayest Guide in the World to Seattle's Happy Hours

There are a lot of queer bars in this town, and it can be difficult to keep track of their best deals.

The Best Upscale Happy Hours

Where to enjoy high-end appetizers, entrées, and libations for low-end prices.

Best Bars to Rendezvous with a Tinder Date

You don't want to run into your knucklehead friends, but it's gotta be good. So, where?

Best Happy Hours for Gamers

Where to find video games, board games, pinball, trivia nights, and more.

Art and Performance Fall 2017 »

The Best Things To Do in Seattle This Fall

Art, Performance, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Film, Literature, and Festival Picks From The Fall 2017 Edition of Seattle Art and Performance

Crossword: The Fall

The Crucible Is Basically a Play About Twitter

It's horrifying that it feels as relevant in 2017 as it was in 1953. Or 1692.

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Warm Service and Stellar Comfort Food at Union Saloon in Wallingford

Union Saloon is the kind of bar you wish was in your neighborhood.

Head to Wicked Chopstix for Lobster Pho and Obama Noodles

Fresh noodles—and perspective—at a Rainier Valley restaurant.

Drink Those Wet Hop Beers While You Can

These unusual beers are only available for the next few weeks.

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A Sneak Peak at BenDeLaCreme's Scary, Campy Halloween Show

A drag queen who never liked horror as a kid decides it's time to make the genre her own.

No More Sad Things Is a Surprising Play About a 32-Year-Old Woman Who Does Something Unacceptable

She sleeps with a 15-year-old. But the show is tender and hilarious. How is that possible?

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Required Reading for Revolutionaries

Jerry Rubin's 1960s activism was radical, effective, and funny.

Jennifer Egan's Manhattan Beach Gets Good on Page 362

That's when something finally happens in this Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist's new book.

Joe Hagan on the Rise of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone

Sticky Fingers is a crawl through rock & roll journalism and American history.

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Healing Crystals Are In. But Do They Work?

Looking into the mythical power of rocks.

Required Reading for Revolutionaries

Jerry Rubin's 1960s activism was radical, effective, and funny.

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The Stranger's 10 Best Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle's Essential Dining Stops, From Cheap to Upscale, as Recommended by a Stranger Food Writer

The Stranger's Guide to the Best and Most Unique Tours in Seattle

Food, Weed, Music, History, and Seattle's Creepy Underground

The Stranger's Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

Seattle Is Known for Having Some of the Best Coffee in the World. Find Out Why.