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I Had Never Touched a Gun Before the Las Vegas Massacre. Then I Bought One.

A liberal snowflake gets to know gun culture from the inside.

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19 Movies Worth Watching in Seattle This Weekend: Nov 24-26, 2017

Roman J. Israel, Esq, Coco, We the Workers, and other Stranger Critics' Picks

Last-Minute Plans: 61 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend: Nov 24-26, 2017

WildLights, Greet the Season, Shabazz Palaces and Gillan Gaar, And More $10-And-Under Events

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My Favorite Plate of Food in Town

The spicy rice cakes at Joule, and the chef who created them.

Foraging for Mushrooms Is Hard, So I Just Bought Some

Seattle's finest foraged foods don't require a walk in the woods.

11 New Restaurants to Try in Seattle, Plus Other Local Food News You Can Use: Nov 10, 2017 Edition

Butter Coffee, Ramen, Veggie Burgers, A Cat Cafe, And More

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I'm the Only One of My Friends Who Likes the New National Album

To be fair, I only have two friends.

What'd You Do Over the Summer? Dude York Was Recording Christmas Songs

Their management wanted them to write the songs on Halftime for the Holidays in a certain way, but Dude York didn't really listen.

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Have a Super High Tolerance? Here's How to Get More Bang for Your Bong

The search for a high that will actually get me high.

To Boldly Go Where Pot Products Have Not Gone Before

Legal weed can't cross state lines, so how are some Seattle brands for sale in other states and even other countries?

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Our Love of Plastics Has Become a Dirty Fetish

The art installation Motelscape ought to ignite a pornographic shame.

Andrew Wyeth’s Secret Selves

A retrospective at SAM reveals things about the major American painter you may not know.

The Stranger's Guide to Seattle's Happiest Happy Hours »

The Gayest Guide in the World to Seattle's Happy Hours

There are a lot of queer bars in this town, and it can be difficult to keep track of their best deals.

The Best Upscale Happy Hours

Where to enjoy high-end appetizers, entrées, and libations for low-end prices.

Best Bars to Rendezvous with a Tinder Date

You don't want to run into your knucklehead friends, but it's gotta be good. So, where?

Best Happy Hours for Gamers

Where to find video games, board games, pinball, trivia nights, and more.

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The Stranger's 10 Best Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle's Essential Dining Stops, From Cheap to Upscale, as Recommended by a Stranger Food Writer

The Stranger's Guide to the Best and Most Unique Tours in Seattle

Food, Weed, Music, History, and Seattle's Creepy Underground

The Stranger's Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

Seattle Is Known for Having Some of the Best Coffee in the World. Find Out Why.