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Record Store Life

The Art of Spending 38 Years Behind the Counter

My Philosophy

The Physics, Locals Only, and Snoop Dogg

Two Gallants Talk Gender Fluidity, Unruly Dogs, and Their Refusal to Play "Love Gun" by KISS

Trent, Meanwhile, Introduces His Submarine Theory

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Is There Room in Seattle for More Peruvian Chicken?

Big Chickie and San Fernando Offer Different Takes on Pollo a la Brasa

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How One Tribe Could Slow the Rate of "Bomb Trains" Through Seattle

Worried About Increased Crude-by-Rail Shipments, the Swinomish People Are Going to Court

The Great Pot Cash Heist of 2015

How Senate Republicans Want to Redirect Washington State's Pot Taxes

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Nightmarish Dreams and Trash Topiary

JD Banke and Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor's Squalid Art for a Squalid City

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The Masterpiece That Helped Transform Comics and Culture

Daniel Clowes's Eightball Is 25 Years Old. How Old Does That Make You?

Weed the People Promises the "Future of Legal Marijuana in America," Focuses More on Old News and Stoner Jokes

Still, as Legalization for Dummies, It's Pretty Useful

Poetry That Deconstructs Language and Love

The Physical Intelligence of Hannah Sanghee Park's The Same-Different

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The Future of Record Store Day

Don't Let a Beautiful Thing Go the Way of SXSW

I Sat In on My Son’s Sex-Ed Class, and I Was Shocked by What I Heard

My Son Responded by Standing Up to the Teacher’s Arguments with Science

Is Marijuana Addictive?

A Look at the Scientific Research