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97 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do In Seattle This Week: December 6-11, 2016

Cannabis for Pets, Phestivus, Cucci's Night Night, And More Unusual Picks

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Twenty Years of Tini Bigs

One of the Longest-Running Craft Cocktail Bars in the City Is Calling It Quits

Corvus and Co. Doesn't Just Have Good Food—It Also Has Warmth and Soul

What the Owners Have Learned in Their First Six Months in Business

The Giblet Incident

Why You Shouldn't Let Pescatarians Cook the Thanksgiving Turkey

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Hello, Let's Talk About Butterflies

Why You Should Give a Damn About the Potentially Endangered Island Marble Butterfly

The Fight Over a Weed Farm on San Juan Island

A 76-acre property on a progressive rural island in Washington State sounds like the perfect place for a grow op, doesn't it? That's not how the neighbors saw it.

Person of Interest: David Rue

Meet the Irrepressible Performer, Professional, and Fashionista

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Matt Hickey Sees His First Day in Court

After Multiple Rape Allegations and a Month in a Nevada Jail, He Has Been Arraigned in King County

The Stranger's Cannabis Gift Guide

Doggie Tinctures, Advent Calendars, Modernist Pipes, and More

Will Trump Kill Legal Weed?

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Akio Takamori's Drawings and Sculptures of Men Apologizing

The Great Seattle Artist Reckons with the Election, World History, and Mortality

End the Saddest Year of All Time with the Saddest Movie of All Time

Go See It's a Wonderful Life at the Grand Illusion This Christmas

Sherman Alexie Talks About Writing in the Era of Trump

His Podcast with Jess Walter, A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment, Is Back!

Dear Academy, You Know How You Rarely Give Oscars to Black Film Artists?

Moonlight Is Your Chance to Make Things Right