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Your Complete Guide to Things to Do This Fourth of July

Fireworks, Concerts, and Drag Burlesque Shows, All in One Place

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The Eternal Re-Terminator

Schwarzenegger Is Back (as Promised) in a Loopy Reboot of His Only Great Film

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Big Phone's Machine Intelligence

How Producer/Developer Kenric McDowell Made Seattle's Best Techno Release in a Decade

My Philosophy

Eye 4 an Eye

Trans Am's Pyroclastic Fun

Rolling Sinister and Clean with the Synth-Rock Stallions

Data Breaker

Fake Trade at Lo-Fi, DJ Funk D'Void at Q Nightclub, 1800HaightStreet at Kremwerk

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Time to Get Rid of the Seattle Police Department's Bad Cops

Police Chief Katheen O'Toole Says She's Willing to Dismiss Problem Officers. One Big Test of That Willingness Is Coming Right Up.

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Big Screen, Big Scream

Chiho Aoshima's 64-Foot-Long Animation Transcends Japanese Neo-Pop

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Bleaker Than Bleak House

The Immense Loneliness of Jim Shepard's Holocaust Novel The Book of Aron

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The Famous (and Not-So-Famous) Writers I Met While Working at Hugo House

And the Writing Advice They Gave Me