Steven Weissman

To the dad and son at Bakery Nouveau: Doctoring up my coffee, I was physically caught up in your conversation. Overeager dad encouraging his teenage son, slapping him on the back, and giving a dad pep talk we have all heard: "You've GOT to go talk to people and just say hi. You can do this! Guys do it to girls all the time, you just have to put yourself out there or miss the chance." Kid, I feel your pain and hate pressure to talk to people. But then your dad nudged you and blurted, "Now's your chance, go!" and I turned around to watch it unfold. You walked up to the sexy beardy cashier and started flirting. I walked by, awestruck. I looked back to see dad beaming and son doing his best to look calm and cool. I love living in this Seattle bubble where a dad talks his son into hitting on another guy. Hats off to you, dad, and way to put yourself out there, young guy. THIS is how things should be.


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