Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 4 - 10, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 42


Colonial Passion

Why Indian Film Is Better than American Film

Hollywood Jews

Promising Israeli Thriller Mired in Cliché

Joyless Humor

The Scum of the Universe Return

This Week on TV

Movie Times

Film Shorts


The Politics of Dancing

Radio 4 Shakes Their Smarty Pants

All Ages Action

The Ox in a Duct

An Ode to the Who's John Entwistle

Bio: Music

Wrongful Death

The Strong, Silent Type

Club Directory

The Hentchmen

Detroit's Garage Loyalists

New Country That Doesn't Suck

Tift Merrit's Burgeoning Talent


DJ Listings


You Don't Get Shows Because You Suck

Up & Coming

Parties Listings


Speaker Freak

More Up & Coming

The Score

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The Little White Pill

Ursa Major Makes a Good Effort

Attack of the Kooks

Too Many Kooks Spoil Latest ZinZanni

Theater Listings

Food & Drink

Molly Maguire's

Why Shepard's Pie Makes Me Sad

Queen Anne Thriftway Kiosk

Flying Fish and Revolving Chefs

Bio: Chow


Auto Motive

Aurora Merchants Fight Street Makeover

Conlin's Monorail Con

Elevated Transportation Company Says Richard Conlin Is Pushing Monorail Off-Track

Not Grand

Pride Parade Honors Unremarkable State Legislator

Demolition Man

Paul Allen Gets Ready to Tear Down South Lake Union Low-Income Housing

Complaint Profile

Ten Percent of Last Year's Police Complaints Involved Racial Bias

Police Beat

The Quick and the Dead

Five to Four

Nickels Rocks!

In Other News...

City Council Rubber-Stamps Sound Transit

Visual Art


Negotiating Carlos Mollura's Big Shapes

Visual Arts Listings


Big in Europe

Profile on Michael Collins

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