Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 9 - 15, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 43
Cover art by Danny Snell. See more at


The Hurt Locker: Men at Work

Blood: The Last Vampire

Fuck Buddies

After a Triumphant World Tour, Lynn Shelton's Humpday Comes Home

Kabei: Our Mother: Japan's Moral Minefield


Disney's A Christmas Carol: the Movie, the Train!!!!!!!

Achtung, Gayby

Sadly, BrĂ¼no Is but a Piffle at the End of a Press Blitz

I Love You, Beth Cooper: I Hate You, Hayden Pantyliner


Psyching Up Seattle

Portable Shrines Alters the Local Soundscape

West Seattle, Über Alles

The West Seattle Summer Fest Isn't That Far Away

Data Breaker

Wisp Heads Another Stellar Bonkers! Bill

Heavy Mental

A Journey into Cage's Internal Hiphop Inferno

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Fucking in the Streets

Drinking for the Kids

It's a Hit

New Singles from the Game, Dead Weather, DJ Koze, Fiery Furnaces, and More

Party Crasher

Age Is Nothing but a Number That Kills You

My Philosophy

Grynch's Good Chemistry

Poster of the Week

Devi Pellerin

The Score

Frozen Fantasy


Seahouse's PNW


It's the Water

Rats, Beer, and What's in Your Pipes

He Ain't Streisand, He's My Brother

The Borscht-Belt Stage Magic of the Edwards Twins

Food & Drink

Pig Out

Chasing Down Seattle's New Pork-on-Wheels Mobiles

Bar Exam

Checking Out the Lookout

The Happiest Hour

Martins Off Madison

Chow Bio

Gorgeous George's Gorgeous George


Is Maria Cantwell a Puppet for the Senate Finance Committee?

Her Natural Allies Can't Make Sense of Her Refusal to Lead

Gun Fights, Machetes, and Murder

Community Centers Are Funded By the City and Supposed to Be Safe. Instead, they're Becoming Hubs for Crime.

No One's Picking Up

If You Need the Help of the Tenants Union—Let's Say Your Landlord Is Trying to Illegally Evict You—You'd Better Call Soon

Visual Art

Exquisite Pain

The Torture of Painting After World War II at SAM


The Snowball's-Chance-in-Hell-O-Meter

The Eight People Fighting to Be Your Next Mayor


How to Open an Awesome Bookstore in Nine Easy Steps

Summer Robinson Created Pilot Books with a Little Money and Not Much of a Plan