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Feb. 7 - 13, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 21


Humiliation Porn

Todd Solondz Gets Revenge on His Audience

Real Enough

Surreal Czechs and Fairy Tale Balances


This Film Is an Insult to Dixie, Suh!

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Felix da Housecat Swims in Camp

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Seattle's Sexiest People

Every year we replace the usual gibberish in our paper with your own valentines. Did you get one? Did you write one and we ruined it with typos? Find out! Happy Valentine's Day!

Illegal Light Rail

Sound Transit Faces Strong Legal Challenge

Boom Town

Local Media Plots to Blow Up Space Needle

Desperately Seeking Renters

Belltown Landlords Wheel and Deal to Woo Tenants

Tim Eyman Is Greedy and Selfish!

Sorry, Folks, That's Not News

Monorail Green Light

ETC Lobbyists Drive Bills in House and Senate

Monorail Red Light

Monorail's Home Base Throws First Curve

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Recent Drug Bust Jeopardizes Safety Program

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