Matt Moroni (a.k.a. DJ Introcut) has been hired by Chop Suey to book electronic-music and hiphop shows. A member of the Fourthcity crew and an outstanding DJ in his own right, Moroni already has made his presence felt by booking Module, eR Don, Electrosect, and Scratchmaster Joe on Dec. 10 (see next week’s Data Breaker column for more information) and Linda and Ron’s Dad, Pontius Pilots, Flexions, and others on Dec. 17.

A tireless promoter and one of the principals of Poster Midget, Introcut also spins at Lo_Fi’s Tuesday night weekly Stop Biting and Sunset Tavern’s monthly Trashy Trash dance party. He also provided cuts on track 1 of Truckasauras’ Tea Parties, Guns & Valor and for the Galactic Ionization Unit CD-R (Brushed Golden).

With his extensive connections and strong knowledge of electronic music and rap, Moroni should prove to be a valuable addition to Chop Suey's staff (which includes ex-Crocodile booker Pete Greenberg), enabling the Capitol Hill club to compete more seriously with Neumos for shows in those genres.

Introcut on the decks (while drunk, allegedly; wait for the skater footage to end).