I didn't have the time of my life at the show last night and that isn't because the Murder City Devils weren't entertaining or exciting (nor was it the absence of "Boom Swagger Boom"). While the band played, I was distracted most of the time by people watching, and I came to a conclusion: I like the Murder City Devils. I don't LOVE the Murder City Devils, but I appreciate what they do. I also understand that they're a novelty. They're a bunch of nice and (probably) nerdy and/or normal people getting together playing tough-as-fuck rock and roll about drinking, smoking, and general badassery, and while I'm totally for that, I'm not so much for the people who take it all so seriously.


And last night, everyone around me was taking it all so seriously. It's not a lifestyle for the band, so why is it for their fans? Everyone in my immediate area were all made-up and drunk and angry, just like the characters in Spencer Moody's songs. And they were annoying. I don't mind rough crowds—I've made it through Botch and even Earth Crisis shows. I just don't like assholes. I feel like a lot of Murder City fans are unnecessarily assholes because they think that's the way they're supposed to be.

Wah wah wah.


These kids look nice, though. Maybe I should've stood by them.

All photos by Alex Crick